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January 30, 2017 by phicks2012

Knotwork blockI was watching the sun set the other day — just staring out through a window that placed me high enough to actually SEE part of the horizon from my house — and decided on impulse to jot down a few lines. Impulse is funny that way, and often horribly inconvenient. Often writing materials just aren’t easily available. But, somehow they got “jotted” and while not great literature or poetry I’m sharing them anyway! So There!!!


With azure falling into indigo
Through waves of fire near the earthen rim,
As ebony creeps upward, softly slow
From night to wear a crimson diadem,
The day retires with a brilliant show
Of colors gathered from a rainbow’s end,
And stars arise to mark Orion’s bow,
And where the horns of Capricorn begin.

So daylight yields to darkness, sure and deep,
Like to an endless ocean set with dreams.
O’er the horizon’s brink the moon doeth peep
From velvet folds to kiss the rippled streams,
With silvered smiles to lull the world to sleep
Until the sun returns, and golden gleams,
Arising there, to morning’s promise keep,
And we awake to visions newly seen.

[21 January, 2017]

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