Kicking Back?


January 27, 2017 by phicks2012

recliner2A good friend told me that I absolutely did NOT need to have a recliner in my home office. I’m reasonably sure this was because she figured I’d put it at my desk, and that I didn’t need to be quite that “comfortable” while working on my computer. She also has it in her head that it will wind up in front of the computer instead of next to the wall — and that I’ll blame the cat when it gets relocated — but I’ve decided that I do somehow need to move/wrestle my Lazyboy upstairs from the basement anyway — so THERE!!!

#1 — For all that “heat rises” and “global warming” (acknowledged or not) is making this winter really weird, my office tends to be warmer in winter than my bedroom does — probably because it’s substantially smaller. True, I have a fireplace in the bedroom, but toting firewood upstairs (two flights yet) isn’t incredibly high on my “really-want-to-do” list. Not really.

#2 — While I have a TV in my bedroom I don’t have a real cable box up there. I have one of those mini-tuners that gets basic channels in SD and doesn’t record or link to the “real box” with the bells-and-whistles. You can’t pause live shows using that tuner, or re-wind, or fast-forward, and you can’t access Netflix or On Demand. That’s not a huge problem as long as my cheapo-DVD Player keeps working, or they’re running something I actually want to watch live when I’m in my room, but unless I want to pay for another actual cable box (which I don’t) my viewing is just really limited. If I’m not feeling great and really, really don’t even want to drag my lazy ass out of bed — well, I just have to pray I have a good book on hand that I haven’t already read!

#3 — Okay, so there isn’t really a “three”, except that maybe if I’m feeling punky and using the office as my lair (and not only villains have lairs) I have less distance to go if someone shows up at my door and rings the doorbell, and less distance to get to my computer, or to run from a Zombie Apocalypse. Does that work as “three”? Maybe not, but I’m using it anyway.

So what do you think? Am I making a decent case for dragging my Lazyboy up from the basement? Please say “yes”, because I want to tell Ann I’m doing it as the result of “public outcry”. 😉

One thought on “Kicking Back?

  1. Woodie says:

    Do what the heck you want!

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