COPD and “The Beast”

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January 23, 2017 by phicks2012

And The Beast Goes OnA while back “The Beast” was diagnosed with vehicular COPD. While the condition does have some passing similarities with human COPD — in that it does have something to do with air circulation — in this case the acronym stood for “Compressor On Permanently Disease”.

Compressors eventually die when that happens, and a transplant is required. In this case, the compressor died and its non-fuunctional flywheel ate the critical serpentine belt, causing me to come perilously close to leaving the road in a curve when the power steering stopped working. That being a “problem”, I bit the bullet, had her medivac-ed out by AAA, and tried getting her on the transplant list at my usual garage.

You know what they say about “for want of a nail the shoe was lost”? Well, because a single bolt was rounded off, they could not remove the old compressor, so they did a “partial transplant”, replacing the wobbly pulley/flywheel, but that (of course) did NOT cure the disease. Still no a/c, during one of the hottest summers on record. It was just, in effect, patchwork.

We tried to remove the bolt ourselves and (of course) got other “second opinions”, but no luck. A first surgery would be required to remove the bolt before the compressor transplant could be considered. Don’t you just love vehicular medicine?

So in October I took the old girl in for her “boltectomy” at a local Ford dealership and coughed up over $200 for it. Then, and only then, could I schedule getting the actual “compressor transplant”. That finally occurred in November with autumn half over and the pressing need maybe not so critical as before. **Sigh** But the old girl now has both functional heat and a/c, and a compressor sutured on with three brand new bolts.

She may still look her age (17) and mileage (240,000 miles), with dents and dings and oxidized paint, but hey!!! She’s once again healthy — and she’s COOL!!!


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