In Search Of: Oval Tablecloths

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January 16, 2017 by phicks2012

new-kitchen-rug-04bSo what’s the deal with not being able to find (at least not easily) decent oval tablecloths? I have a round oak table with a leaf that turns it into an oval, and the leaf stays in the table all of the time because I WANT it to. 😉 Otherwise, I’d have to store it in a closet, lean it up against the wall in a corner, or haul it up to the attic when not in use, and I have no logical reason to remove it when the table fits perfectly well in my kitchen as an oval. Actually, now that I think about it, with a rectangular rug underneath it, an oval table looks BETTER there than a round table would. So THERE!!


It used to be easy to find oval tablecloths. It really did, and with internet search engines it still ought to be, but last month I went looking on-line for an oval tablecloth — cotton or linen, preferably in navy or burgundy. Not plastic. Not an ugly garish print. Not a God-Awful spandex atrocity that stretched down to hook over the bottom of the table legs (who came up with that idea anyway?). Not a glow-in-the-dark hot pink that matched literally nothing I owned. Not a square too small to cover the table. Not a rectangle long enough to cover a banquet table. Not a theme print with Christmas trees, NFL Logos, pastel duckies, or camouflage. No. No! NO!


I needed an OVAL minimum 48″x60″ (54″x72″ would have been better). I knew I could make do with a 60″x72″ rectangle, or in fact anything that would overhang the edges fairly evenly all around , but could I find anything like that in the right color or fabric? Nope! Not a chance, and I searched using all SORTS of search phrases and looked for HOURS on more sites than I can remember.


I could find solid black or navy fabric tablecloths, but not oval and not with the right dimensions, and the solid ovals I did find were all, every one of them, colors I have to assume are now (for no reason apparent to me) “trendy”. They were all either colors I already had (VERY few of these, and those inherited and left over from the 70s), or colors I would never in this lifetime buy (not even on a bet).


I couldn’t even find PLASTIC in the colors or in the shape I wanted, and other than as a throw-away for a party or picnic I’d never buy a plastic tablecloth.


I couldn’t find the right colors in spandex either, and I’d never buy a spandex tablecloth at ALL. Not even under duress. However, that should tell you how desperate I was getting, that I even LOOKED. Right?


I searched everywhere I could think of.  I even tried tablecloth manufacturers and businesses that sell to restaurants. No real luck there either, because even if they had something close — well, they wanted to sell in bulk lots. Hey!  I only needed ONE! Just ONE!


I finally broke down and ordered a rectangle (literally the only one I could find in a semi-compatible size), and was hoping that when it arrived it would actually be navy, and cloth, and that it wouldn’t look too bad on the table. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a slick synthetic and a LOT thinner than I really wanted or than hope would have made it. It served its purpose (see photo), but slid around and bunched up WAY too easily because it had almost no texture or weight to it. *Sigh*


So I asked myself, and others, “Just what happened to nice oval tablecloths?” Why weren’t they available except in really ugly patterns or fabrics? Did anyone out there, I wondered, know where I could go to get one in cotton/linen (or in a poly-cotton blend) in a solid color that didn’t glow in the dark or burn my retinas? “I could use navy, burgundy, claret, dark green, black, or even cream”, I said.


“HELP!!!” I cried (at least virtually, but also literally).


You know, fate is fickle! Naturally, after having settled a month ago out of sheer desperation for something I didn’t really want, I Googled again today: “oval tablecloths” — and immediately found a site that hadn’t come up previously, no matter what search criteria I had used.


Today I ordered two twill tablecloths in navy and burgundy in EXACTLY the size I wanted. Go figure!!


I WILL save that URL!!!!

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