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January 6, 2017 by phicks2012

western_clipart_bullWhile in the Dollar Store the other day I happened to spot a tabloid headline claiming that Prince Charles had staged a Palace Coup and that Queen Elizabeth was going to be exiled. Really?

So, how many of you actually believe tabloid headlines?  How many of you believed every one of the allegations being hurled throughout the recent Presidential Campaign —  without bothering to fact-check? How many of you believe everything posted on Facebook or Instagram? Congratulations. You may be, and probably are, officially “Credulous”!

You probably are convinced that Elvis is still alive, believe that Jennifer Anniston has been pregnant multiple times, credit that the FBI actually captured the “Bat Child”, and actually care what (or who) the various Kardashians are doing.

Personally, I believe less than 1% of what I see plastered on the tabloids — the “minuscule grain of truth” theory — and less than 30% of what politicians (ALL politicians) promise during their campaigns — the “I’d eventually like to get re-elected later” theory. Accusations made by opponents (ANY opponents) during political campaigns I tend to regard as 1)totally unbiased or 2)wildly exaggerated until I have a chance to confirm them. Claims made on tabloid covers I laugh at (assuming I’m even remotely interested) and thereafter totally ignore.

I can’t get away from the tabloids if I do any grocery shopping at all, and it’s nearly as difficult to avoid tabloid TV, but thank GOD the presidential campaigns (if not the riots, the protests, and the rhetoric) were finally over with in November!!! I know, being a history buff, that the recent race wasn’t actually the nastiest ever run — because there were a number of past elections where the dirty tricks, lies and general malignity were just as noteworthy — but GOD am I glad this cycle is done!!!

It no longer matters who I voted for. I figure there’d have been protests no matter which candidate had come out on top — if for no other reason than to prolong the ugliness, and the country was wildly polarized this time around. However. what’s done is done, and burning private property or continuing to sling mud (whether you won or lost) wasn’t going to accomplish anything except to hurt innocent people — maybe even people who voted the same way the rioters did.

Crediting the tabloids will only probably decrease the mean national IQ, if that hasn’t already occurred. BTW, Bulgaria isn’t the name of a celebrity child.

Just sayin’.

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