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December 23, 2016 by phicks2012

eq330-1612-frontLately I’ve been busy, and rather proud of it. I’m not running any marathons, or writing a Pulitzer Prize winning novel, or running (God Forbid) for public office. I’m not really actually helping with the physical antics necessary to conclude the tasks of refinishing the front doors and balconies, but I’ve been doing other cleaning and repair chores, and doing some redecorating that is really making a difference. I’ve also been drawing comic strips, and writing poems, and I’ve been catching up on issues of our Shire newsletter “The Equinox”.

I’ve been the Shire Chronicler for an altogether frightening twenty-eight years, and it became my habit early on to work on four issues at once. One of my secrets to filling those large issues has been to create recurring features — puzzles, recipes, birthday notifications, and other fillers — that can be inserted months in advance of publication, and this means that issues can be to some extent completed well in advance. Current news and information still need to be added just prior to the release of the issue, but it helps a lot not to have to throw everything together at the last minute. I’d let things slide recently though, and eventually realized that I only had the next issue under construction! Oh No! NOT acceptable!! So I got busy and got to work until I had my traditional four issues well underway. Good!

Icon-BronwenHowever, I also realized that I’d managed to get behind –WAY behind — on creating comic strips for the newsletter, and that was also uncharacteristic. Normally I’m WAY ahead — so much so that I have to leave some comic panels UN-created just in case something really funny or memorable happens and I don’t have a place to put it! I publish four per month/issue, and create three in advance, leaving space for a fourth. On many occasions I’ve had a full year’s worth of strips done FAR ahead, with only those blank ones left to create, but this time I had comics only through the end of this year — except for four panels ranged from January through April 2017. Well, I got busy, and now I have strips completed up through March 2017, and one each in April May, June and July, so now I feel much better about that too! I’m not as up-to date on my household newsletter issues or comics, but you can’t have EVERYthing, right?

new-kitchen-rug-04bAs for the redecorating, the Castle has hardwood floors, and I like that. I’ve never cared much for wall-to-wall carpeting, but I do like area rugs, and recently I found a good — meaning not bank-breaking — source for large area rugs. I was able to move the worn rug from my dining room into the office where it looks great despite its threadbare condition, moved a large rug not recently being used in the basement to the dining room — where IT looks great, I put a new rug in the breakfast room — where it totally dresses up the area, and the hall now has three matching rugs running the length of the hall from the front door to my office door — instead of small rugs for the cats to slide around. The hall furniture has been rearranged, the office clutter has been VASTLY reduced, the kitchen clutter has been removed, the plants have been moved back inside, and I like what I’ve done!! Yes!

With all of that accomplished, maybe now I can get back to other tasks, and maybe writing things other than poetry! What do you think?

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