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December 20, 2016 by phicks2012

51113975I have a housemate who has anger management issues. Sometimes I just want to tell him to go camp out under an overpass, but because most of the time he’s a nice guy I tend to be more patient during the bad times.


He has problems going shopping as a rule, because he gets short-tempered with fellow shoppers, or with clerks and cashiers who lack great customer service skills, or with crowded stores, or with other drivers (even though he’s not driving himself), or with people who park illegally…okay, so the list goes on. It doesn’t take a lot to make him irritable, so when he wanted to go to Walmart today, and then to Kroger I was slightly less than optimistic about how THAT was going to go. However, for a change things went smoothly.


When we went to check out at our first stop and the poor cashier (just coming on duty at Walmart) rang up our purchase only to discover that there was no cash till in the cash register drawer, I sort of expected Jason to react badly. However, for a change he didn’t. I’m thinking that a part of that might have been because I was laughing so hard about the expression on the poor clerk’s face when he looked in the cash drawer and found it empty. He was so embarrassed, and frustrated himself when his calls for help didn’t bear immediate fruit, that there was really no point (in my opinion) in getting mad at the poor guy. It wasn’t his fault, and when Jason commented that the guy was so flustered that people were going to think he was being robbed…especially since Jason pointed out that he already had “a mask”, I laughed even harder.


What he actually had in his shopping bag was a My Little Kitty style cap and mittens for part of his granddaughter’s Christmas. Pink, and with ears and whiskers and sized for a toddler, and I hardly needed to point out that it wasn’t exactly a ski mask. It was only another baby step to joking about the “My Little Kitty Bandit” winding up on TV on America’s Dumbest Criminals, and laughter got us out the door and through this shopping jaunt.


Next time he starts getting irritable while shopping, I think I’ll tell him it’s a shame he doesn’t have his My Little Kitty cap with him — wonder just how much mileage I can get out of that joke before it gets too old to work.


I’ll let you know. 😉


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