Fall Face-Lift?


December 9, 2016 by phicks2012

10-21-16-refinished-porch-01 I’ve recently undertaken (with capable help) to repair and refurbish some things like the front doors, the balconies, and the porch here at the castle. This project is ongoing, and is progressing well, if just a tad sporadically, and the results thus far have, in my humble opinion,  been pretty spectacular! However, I’ve also been making long-needed changes inside the castle, and those are going well too!

I have hardwood floors and tile throughout the place, and I prefer those to wall-to-wall carpeting because they’re attractive, match anything, are way easier to keep clean, and don’t generally have to be replaced. On the other hand, if something gets spilled on a hard surface like tile or hardwood that surface can become slick.  Trust me, I’ve had a fairly entertaining series of slip-and-falls recently as the result of slick surfaces, so I’m in a position to KNOW! Nice area rugs (which I happen to love) work very well both to dress things up and (generally) to make potentially slick surfaces safer, but only if they don’t themselves slide around.

diningroom-with-new-rug04The rug in my dining room started off nice (YEARS ago) but wear & tear and exposure to sunlight eventually resulted in the end nearest the windows fading and losing pile (look up “threadbare”), and I didn’t have a rug at all in my office, or under the table in the kitchen, or in the hall bathroom. The aging area rugs in the hallways had never matched or gone together well, and had always been prone to sliding around (with or without running, hall-surfing felines helping them along), and as a result I’ve recently (and finally) purchased (Read: Scored REALLY SERIOUSLY on SALE) some large new rugs!

The old dining room rug was moved to the office, where it looks good without having to be perfect, and where the worn part is under my desk chair. A rug originally bought for the basement (but not recently used down there) went into the dining room (a nice change), and there’s now a rug under the kitchen table that looks terrific and brightens the whole area up! The smaller, mismatched rugs in the hall have been replaced with three large matching rugs big enough to stay put and be easily vacuumed without sliding, and they have improved the looks of the hallway to a MAJOR degree!! YES!!!


new-kitchen-rug-04bThat got me started, and I got busy de-cluttering my kitchen and office as well! Old magazines got sorted (we archive Family Handyman, but I’ve gotten talked into a few subscriptions over the years that somehow lack that same appeal (despite piling up on their own over time), and my additional torture-device desk chair was easily dispensable. Hey!  It was about only useful as a cat scratching post anyway. I managed to clear out (the clutter) under the tables, and then realized something else! Now that I was no longer making do with a heavy-weight, pretty-much-antique console TV in the office, I could mount the new one on the wall and would no longer need to sacrifice desk space to a printer, or have an extra side-table just for the scanner!!  I could move both to the table where the TV was!! WOW! What a concept!!!

I did have one teensy problem though. The cables running between the TV and the cable box, and between the TV and the DVR were only 2-feet long, and once the mount was up I realized that the TV itself couldn’t be mounted (and also function) until I got replacement cables. *Sighs* I got it handled, but it required a jaunt to the store. No plan is ever “perfect”, is it?

It always makes me feel good to manage improvements though! Five rooms have gotten a bit of a face-lift so far (I relocated one on my smaller rugs to the hall bathroom), and I’ll hopefully remember this feeling of achievement, and let it inspire me as I keep going!!!

Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Fall Face-Lift?

  1. SammyandSufi says:

    That is one cool place you live in! my goodness, I am jealous. Can’t wait to see more posts about it :))

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