November 28, 2016 by phicks2012

Has anyone else noticed that far too many male leads in films and TV shows are now looking as though they might be auditioning for Stephen King’s “Thinner”?


weakling_1Leading men I used to find “hot” (and rather enjoy fantasizing about) now appear to be wasting away to nothing — rail-thin-to-emaciated. Matthew McConaughey and Colin Firth pop immediately to mind. Both of these actors were once really attractive, but now I look at them and wonder what happened.  Sean Murray (from NCIS) and Scott Bakula (NCIS New Orleans) have both also gotten thinner and thinner, and I’ve noticed that Lucas Black (also of NCIS New Orleans) is looking skinnier, too. Benedict  Cumberbatch – recently touted on SNL to be “hot” is too scrawny and gaunt for my tastes, Matt Bomer (White Collar) has always been too thin for me — though at least he’s not skeletal, and Grant Guston (the kid that plays The Flash) aside from looking about 16-years old, is reed thin, so I’m guessing this is a trend. Too Bad.


I found that when I tried to go on-line and find information on MALE celebrities who are too skinny, there didn’t really seem to be any sites about those. Maybe it was my search criteria, but I looked for quite a while and only really got sites about FEMALE celebrities with anorexia or scary photos of emaciated Asian “idols?” I’d never heard of.


Mark Harmon (NCIS) is still a hottie, as is David Boreanaz (Bones), Nathan Fillion (Castle), Chris Evans (Captain America) Robert Downy, Jr. (Iron Man), Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy), Ben Afleck (Daredevil) and George Clooney (Batman), but I recently saw photos of Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Gerard Butler (Olympus Has Fallen) — both of whom also fit hunkily into my hottie category — in which they also tragically appeared to be getting thinner and losing some of their appeal. What a tragic waste!


I used to watch those old movies with lanky stars like Fred Astaire and wonder if the women in those days actually found men that skinny attractive. Now I’m wondering the same thing again. Go figure.


None of these male leads is ever going to be attracted to me anyway, so I suppose it doesn’t matter to them that I never have and never will equate skinny with attractive. Many male body-builders verge on the grotesque, but give me healthy and fit every time!!


Just one last thing. Can we at least retain a few healthy, good-looking male leads for those of us without significant others or bone fetishes to gawk at?  Please?

4 thoughts on “Thinner

  1. I’d been wondering about this as well. Hopefully scrawny is not the new sexy/

  2. Kslack says:

    I agree also. Skinny men are just NOT attractive! I would rather a man be 10 lbs over weight than 10 lbs under. Do they not see themselves? Especially as they get older and get so skinny it shows in their face and makes them look older, not younger. Hopefully this to shall pass!

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