Thanksgiving Lite

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November 26, 2016 by phicks2012

cooked turkeyThanksgiving Dinner is a tradition, and a great one, but if you live alone, or with only one other person, the practicality of preparing a full Thanksgiving dinner is — well, questionable. Turkeys are huge birds, right? Right, and my family tradition growing up was to have turkey, dressing, giblet gravy, rice, peas, green bean casserole, rolls, ice tea (sweet, of course) and dessert (when my mother and maternal grandmother were alive this was Ambrosia and/or pumpkin pie and/or pecan pie). That’s a lot of food.


But these days when I cook a turkey I have to be prepared to cut it up and freeze or re-purpose a LOT of leftover meat, and making as much dressing, gravy, etc. as my mother did — well, I’d have sufficient leftovers to feed a small third-world country. Impractical? Absolutely!


I’d invite people over to share the meal, and I’ve tried, but they always have plans with their own families. That, and my remaining family — when I say “remaining” you have to remember, I’m getting older — don’t live locally. So, either I accept invitations to join other people’s families for Thanksgiving, or I have to pare things down just a tad.


So, this year I decided to have Thanksgiving Lite. I planned to roast a chicken, make a very small batch of giblet gravy and dressing-for-two, cook up half a bag of frozen peas, skip the rice and the green bean casserole, and heat up four brown-and-serve rolls. For dessert, I intended to cut two wedges of Sara Lee cheesecake. Then I was going to make up two separate dinners, on those big Chinette platters, and let Jason and I eat them separately at our leisure. Voila!!


Plans changed in the wee hours of Tuesday morning as the result of an unprovoked housemate tantrum. Anyone who gets mad over a shortage of horse feed (he neglected to tell me we were even getting low, or I’d have picked some up on Monday), leaves hostile notes and throws my Thanksgiving meal fixings in the trash along with some valuable kitchen gear — to make a point? How passive-aggressive can you get? — wasn’t reaping the benefits of my culinary skill (such as it is). Nope. Just not happening! Not until I got an apology or really good equivalent thereof.


So on Thanksgiving (while my housemate hid out/laid low) I prepared enough for one and dined at my OWN leisure in a comfy chair with a TV tray in front of the flat screen, thankful for the peace and quiet, the beautiful day, the good food, and the friends and family who, while not present, make my life richer and certainly more entertaining.


Okay, so maybe I didn’t exactly celebrate a traditional Thanksgiving in 2016, but I still do plan to enjoy ONE abiding Thanksgiving tradition! Yep, I intend to watch Georgia play Georgia Tech on TV today. So what if the game isn’t actually on Thanksgiving!!! Hey!  I still even have a few slices of cheesecake left!!!

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