Balconies: The Next Step

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November 21, 2016 by phicks2012

I’ve talked rather a lot lately about the epic Door Project — and that magnificent DIY Endeavor is still underway. Never fear! We still need to finish working on the existing hardware, and on obtaining and mounting additional hardware, but the mission continues, and WILL see fruition!! I have not a single doubt!!

However, we’ve also been at work cleaning, repairing, and staining the side porch and the balconies, and the improvement there is ALSO amazing. The porch was cleaned and sealed first — and that was actually a mistake. It looked a WORLD better, but probably should have stained it prior to the sealing part, so of course we had to hope that the stain would still penetrate. Fingers were seriously crossed, but fortunately it all worked out. The balcony over the front door was, however, done the right way, and looks OMG brand new!! The balcony off the bedroom is starting to look terrific too, though the one off of the garret has not been started on yet and is altogether different. It is still grayed with age and weather, and the decking has an interesting carpet of — well, I guess they’re lichens — but having seen the porch and the first two balconies I know what can be done!

It’s probably a shame that I don’t have a Romeo to stand wistfully below in the front yard while I stand on that balcony in the moonlight — him waxing poetic as he praises my incomparable beauty. Moonlight would be, by the way, an order of magnitude more flattering than sunlight, if not as flattering as total darkness. However, lacking Romeo, I still love the way the balconies are starting to look (see photos), and am really looking forward to the day when both the doors and balconies are done!!!

My house is getting a face-lift, even if I can’t foresee (or afford) getting one for myself!! LOLOL!

09-02-16-uncleaned-balcony jason-on-balcony02 10-25-16-jason-jessica-ava-03


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