Speaking Too Soon

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November 7, 2016 by phicks2012

Old CottageA few BLOGS ago I was foolish enough to boast of a run of good luck regarding my renters. I spoke too soon, tempting fate, when I should have kept my mouth shut.

1) What is it about renters and plumbing? Why would faucets newly replaced by professional plumbers suddenly go bad, and look like they’ve been attacked with chainsaws? My plumber was baffled too, by the way.

2) Why do renters believe that they are entitled to improvements and upgrades, without their rent increasing as a result, or entitled to yard maintenance without paying for it when their leases state clearly that this is not the case?

2) Why do renters wait until Saturday nights to complain about things they want fixed retroactively a week before? Do they not understand that some companies are closed on Sundays — or if they aren’t that they charge (me) a lot more to come out? Do they not comprehend that I’m allowed to have a life, too? No, I cannot and will NOT drive nearly 20 miles to let a plumber, electrician, or exterminator into their unit so that they will not have to be there themselves. No, I do not have a time machine that allows their repairs to have ready been done by the time they report them. No! No! No!

3) Why do renters insist that they have called my management folks to report their problems as they are supposed to do, when they have not, and are really blind-siding me with them, and why do they insist that no one has been out to deal with their issues when actually someone has been out 2-3 times — and I have the invoices to prove it?

I am now on a first name basis with a plumber (Thanks, Wes) and his office manager (Thanks, Jamie), I have recently replaced a refrigerator and a stove (both of which started out in good shape), and I have once again been forced to put my own home repairs on the back burner because I’m too busy driving all over the place, calling repair techs, responding to horribly timed text messages, and dealing with unreasonable expectations. ACKKK!!

No, it is NOT my fault that some neighborhood kids set fire to some pine needles in a small patch of trees on the property line. Nowhere in any lease does it say that I will rake or otherwise clear out wooded areas so that there will be nothing there to burn. No! No! No! I will not be responsible for safeguarding their units against a Zombie Apocalypse either, just in case you might wonder.

Folks, this is tourney and football season!! When the weekends come I’d like to be able to attend a few SCA events, or to watch my teams (Dawgs and Falcons) play — just once in a while — instead of being rushed to replace a toilet seat or a faucet knob, or told I “need” to clear pine straw out of a wooded area that serves to protect the yard lower down from erosion. Yeah, those are crisis jobs alright!

People bad-mouth landlords, but REALLY! When I was a renter there were things I fixed myself, BECAUSE THEY WERE EASY FIXES. I didn’t call my landlord in a tizzy because an outlet cover cracked, or a toilet flap needed replacing, or the sink stopped up (because I put food scraps or grease down the drain and couldn’t figure out how to use Drano). I also didn’t tear up appliances.

So I’m officially sending out CLUES as Christmas gifts this year. What do you think?

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