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October 31, 2016 by phicks2012

trumpkin3What is scarier than Halloween horror and street-wandering monsters? The Presidential election, that’s what!

The only thing really redeeming this campaign, for me at least, are the parodies on Saturday Night Live and elsewhere. The comedy is outstanding!! The rest mostly ought to be standing out for more than just notoriety and scary rhetoric. It is mostly “spooky” frightening — and more often than not is verging on the “supernaturally” alarming. Never mind a zombie apocalypse. We have the presidential election looming, and some American voters can be just as mindless – so that’s frightening too.

No wonder SNL has such an easy time of it. They are virtually being HANDED their material — though I heard the other day that Trump tweeted a demand for SNL to be taken off the air for making fun of him. Give me a break! Some people are just WAY too accustomed to getting what they want no matter what they do to deserve the ridicule, and this time around if we can’t laugh at the campaign there doesn’t seem to be much else to smile about.

Research tells me that the candidates are really popular this year as Halloween characters, and I can see why. Take a suit or a pantsuit and add a candidate mask, and there you are. You certainly can buy masks and bad-hair wigs (most of which actually look better than Trump’s hair) everywhere. Add some sort of campaign button and practice the shoulder-shimmy or the scowl-and-pursed-lips and WOW! Carry a satchel of leaked emails, or one of unpaid taxes and sexual assault allegations, and BINGO! You’re ready to go forth and terrify at least half of the voting and trick-or-treating public!!

But I have to tell you that while a Clinton trick-or-treater at my door would be less overtly “entertaining”, if anyone dressed as Trump showed up at my house I just might be leaving the door closed, and hiding the Madeleines, Mary Janes, Lorna Doones, Crepes Suzette, Little Debbies and Tootsie Rolls — unfortunately I couldn’t think of any snacks named after Russian models — because I don’t think any of my snacks would be “hot enough” for him to admit he liked them, and if I suggested otherwise he might still insult them. Even snacks deserve respect, right?

Oh well. Still thinking seriously of writing in Lady Gaga, and that would make a TERRIFIC Halloween costume!

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