“Autumn’s Arms”

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October 24, 2016 by phicks2012

ctree2With the weather finally cooler — okay, well it HAD to get cooler, didn’t it? This summer was brutal — I’ve been getting outside more. Nice to be able to do that without melting into the topsoil, and walking in the woods without attracting as many hitchhiking ticks is nice too. Walking the fence-lines is good exercise, and not unpleasant if the weather is cool and your clothes aren’t dripping and chafing, and if you throw in a nice, refreshing breeze — well then, you’re GOLDEN!

Walks like that inspired the verse below, that I will be printing it in our SCA Newsletter as well, and hopefully some of you will enjoy it.

Autumn’s Arms

Along the well-worn ways embraced
By golden arms to Autumn’s breast,
And crimson gems where rivers raced
Have fallen from her hair to rest,
I walk the wood ‘neath branches laced
And softly stirred at her behest
By boyant breezes, winter chased,
And by her riches rare am blessed.

Far, far ahead has Summer gone,
Her dappled greens supplanted now
By jeweled ambers worn upon
The fingers of each trembling bough.
I greet a more benignant dawn
When beauty blazing doeth endow
The world with scenes by Autumn drawn
More than bold Summer could allow.

And as I walk the shimmering wood
Where temperate beauty no heart harms;
Where falling rains bring only good
Denying tempests or alarms,
There Peace is met and understood.
Then am I shielded by her charms,
And wander homeward, as I should
To spend the night in Autumn’s arms.

[20 September A.S. LI, 2016]


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