“The Shadow Seekers”


October 11, 2016 by phicks2012

ctree2I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person to interact on-line, and elsewhere of course, with people who are absolutely determined to see only the dark side of everything in life. You try to talk to them — maybe strike up a friendship and maybe cheer them up — but literally everything is doom and gloom. Their lives suck, their jobs are horrible, their families are dysfunctional, their romantic lives are dismal, their health is deplorable, and possibly they themselves are (as they see it) useless, talent-less, unattractive, wastes of flesh.

No matter what you do or say, they come back with a negative response until you are just so tired of hearing a never-ending litany of anguish that your instincts for self-preservation pretty much force you to back away rather than risk being sucked down into that particular grim morass of hopelessness.

Those are the people who inspired to verse below (which may or may not wind up in our SCA Newsletter, The Equinox). Sorry folks, but often you get what you put out.


The Shadow Seekers

I hear their voices, dark and joyless, speak,
And neither sounds of laughter nor delight
Come forth. Their utterances are cold and bleak.
Bereft of cheer. Their eyes see nothing bright,
But only shadows everywhere they turn;
Where sunlight falls beholding joyless shade,
And in that dimness, gloom, not peace discern.
All wonder, and all mirth have been mislaid.
They do not smile, because the world is black,
And music all is mournful to their ear.
They listen but to dirges, for they lack
The will to note what other people hear.
They are the shadow-seekers, loath to see
The colors of the world that are revealed
By sunlight, or to hear the symphonies
That birdsong and the rushing rivers yield.
And they will linger, moaning in the dark,
Made darker still as they embrace despair;
To threnodies and keening, dismal hark.
But I seek joy, and will not tarry there.

[09 September, A.S. LI, 2016]

2 thoughts on ““The Shadow Seekers”

  1. LOVE this so much. very well done!

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