September 26, 2016 by phicks2012

vectoriphone4I mentioned in passing the other day that I’d finally broken down and gotten a Kindle Fire tablet so that I could order and read books in the near total literary vacuum created by the “Vanishing Bookstore Syndrome”. Aside from my aging GPS Unit, that was my introduction to touch-screen technology.

Later I mentioned that I was probably going to have to bite the bullet and really join the 21st century by upgrading from a flip phone to a smart phone, and –well, the deed now is done. Thanks to friends, I am now the proud — if still moderately ignorant — owner of an operational IPhone.

Bear in mind that I do not, of course, have the very “latest” variety of IPhone. Not the SE and naturally not the very recently released IPhone 7. This is an IPhone 4, released in June of 2010, so I’m still 6-years behind the times. I’m reasonably sure that the newer versions have a lot of bells & whistles not included on the IPhone 4. Hey, for all I know they brew coffee, pet-sit, and give full-body massages, but I’m actually very content with what I have and will be more content once I survive the learning curve and really manage to master the thing.

I figured out some of the stuff myself (not being a total techno-noob by any stretch) and got my friend Alicia (who also owns an IPhone) to consult via Skype to help me set up some of the functions and apps (like syncing ITunes with the stuff already on my desktop — though all of my music did NOT transfer), but I still had to call my service provider to find out why the phone wouldn’t ring, toot, beep, or chime when I got a call or a text. Hey, I didn’t put it into “Do Not Disturb” mode! I swear!

I’m accustomed to working with PCs rather than Macs, and IPhones use Apple operating systems. There are definite differences, but experimentation has now taught me that to email a photo I have to use the photo menu rather than using the email menu and attaching the photo the way I do with a computer. Who’d have thunk it? I figured out easily enough how to change the ring tones — though I still want to get some new ones — and how to brighten the screen and keep it from going dark after only a few seconds, and how to up the volume, and how to send a text, and how to make a call. I’ve even gotten just a BIT better at using the keyboard function without hitting the wrong keys 8-times-out-of-10. Has anyone else noticed that fingertips are considerably larger than those keys? Just checking.

On the other hand, an IPhone 4 will not accept an OS upgrade higher that 7.1.2, and whenever I try to download an App (just about any USEful app, that is), I get an error message stating that the app requires at least an 8.something OS. Figures.

I’ve been given a lot of advice on how to avoid data charges when away from home, and told that I absolutely HAD to get a screen-protector (done), and advised that I can use ITunes for things totally unrelated to music. I still need to figure out how to do some of that.

In the meanwhile, I now know how to check the weather, how to access the internet I(more or less)– oh, and not to engage Facetime while in the bathroom. 😉


One thought on “IPhonics?

  1. Debbie Bradley says:

    I have Maggie’s old iPhone 4, too! I have had it for almost a year and I just now have figured out how to access Facebook on it. Mine doesn’t have FaceTime though, no worries for me there! Have fun with it!

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