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September 24, 2016 by phicks2012

secret-clipart-canstock4373062To begin with, let me assure everyone that I am not, and have never been, a hermit. I like being with people whose company I enjoy, I have no problem with upbeat crowds, and I only (preferentially) avoid being around people who give me reason to to consider (while not commit) anuscide (coined word — figure it out). Fortunately, there are only a few people on my fantasy hit-list with whom either fate, contingency, or mutual interests force me to interact, so I’m generally golden.

But I am not, and have never really been, a hot weather person either. Even as a child summer was only really attractive to me because I was out of school for summer vacation and could spend time in — or in close and convenient proximity to — sprinklers, hoses, pools, lakes, and oceans. I was, admittedly, stupid enough to sunbathe fairly extensively back in the days when skin cancer was never mentioned and a baby-oil-and-iodine mixture was considered to be a good suntan oil, but even THEN I had to be near water.

These days, with my only convenient external water scource – if you don’t count the garden hose — being a creek popular with water moccasins, my cooling-off options are understandably more limited, and by early August here at The Castle we’d already had about 5 weeks of temperatures in the upper 90s. WHEW!

I can’t afford to run the home A/C, because if I do my monthly power bill just about quadruples. That’s NOT good. Fortunately The Castle walls are really thick and well insulated. Even without A/C the temperatures are generally in the low to mid-80s, and as long as we have fans running to circulate and cool the air the rooms are fairly comfortable even without A/C.

Yeah, but stepping OUTSIDE this summer? That was like walking into a sauna, and the Beast still didn’t (and doesn’t) have working A/C. Driving anywhere, even with the windows down and me hanging my head out of the window like an over-heated Labrador felt like being in a blast furnace, so I have to tell you that car jaunts weren’t too remarkably high on my wish list this season either. Nope. Especially if the end-point was an outdoor venue where I could expect to spend the day sweating, chafing, and having my clothing adhere to my skin as though dipped in superglue.

Also, I was still trying to heal up the pulled muscles in my lower back and posterior (resulting from a series of really awkward and klutzy weather-related slip-and-falls back in May and July). Months of physical exertion from rental unit repairs and refurbishing had aggravated rather than improved that situation — go figure — so being lazy for a while had what you might call a definite appeal!!

Well, I did the math and factored in all the negatives — Pulled Muscles (Check), Miserable Heat (Check), Sweaty Discomfort (Check), No Car A/C (Check) — and then added in that I really sort of wanted to watch the 2016 Summer Olympics. That definitely gave me several halfway decent reasons to take an at-home Vacation!! Yeah! Kick back in the cool, swigging Ice Water ignoring nuisance calls and watching TV. I could do that!!!!

So, I decided to become a short-term recluse. I changed my voicemail message to say that I was on vacation and wouldn’t be checking voicemail until I got back, and to tell anyone calling about rental units to call my property manager (which they’re supposed to be doing anyway instead of calling me), and started screening my cell calls as I’ve long (and by absolute necessity) been screening my land line calls.

So, I’m still not a Hermit, but I’ve now played one in front of the TV.

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