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September 16, 2016 by phicks2012

ctree2I was a “waterbaby”. I learned to swim very early, and never, even as an infant, had any fear of streams, pools, ponds, rivers, lakes or oceans. At a very early age I scared the life out of my parents by paddling out beyond the breakers on my little blue and white raft, after which I remember laughing while I watched my poor daddy struggling against the waves as he tried desperately to reach me. I didn’t know any better. I didn’t even understand why he was scared — until later. šŸ˜‰

But I always loved the water, and while I love The Castle I wish the stream running along my property line was larger, clearer, swimmable, and more visible from my windows. When I drive by lakes I always have an urge, even in winter, to get out of the car and plunge in, or sail across, and I dearly love the sounds of flowing or surging water — or for that matter, falling rain.

The verse below was inspired by that fondness, and (though not SCA inspired) will be printed in our SCA Newsletter. I hope some will enjoy it.


Narrow winding, sunlight scattering,
Streams through shaded woodlands wandering;
Hear their voices, words not mattering,
Over soft-smoothed stones meandering.
Rapids rushing through the narrows,
Moss-clad arms the flows embracing,
See them slipping into shadows,
Softly down to valleys racing.

Still and silent, ponds like memory
Lie embraced by verdant splendor;
Fronds that whisper, or stand trembly,
Frozen by the breath of winter.
Darting dragons bright-winged hover
Over doubtful depths at twilight,
Stooping, as to kiss a lover,
Waiting the caress of moonlight.

Wide as wishes, rushing rivers
Silver in the shades of morning,
Carry broad-beamed vessels thither;
Rising, raging without warning.
Misted rapids, falling thunder,
Surging steeds of foam that never
Pause upon the lea. We wonder
Are they striding on forever?

Spreading silver, deep and dreaming,
Wavelets ‘gainst the shoreline brushing
Lakes serene in sunlight gleaming;
Golden with the sunset blushing.
Cool, and silent and far-spreading,
Under starlight, wine-dark, windless
Waters with the heavens wedding;
Deathless, peaceful, brave and endless.

On forever, seas go dancing
Cradling the green-clad nations;
Toward the stone-bound shores advancing
Rising wild from deep foundations.
For the souls that silent slumber
In the depths stand widows weeping.
Fathomless, tales without number,
All their ancient secrets keeping.

[30 August, A.S. LI, 2016]


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