August 30, 2016 by phicks2012

ctree2So! I had a really good night’s sleep the other night, and for once my dreams didn’t have me running frantically around in a strange town or city trying fruitlessly to remember where I’d parked my car. Frankly, I’ve logged more miles in dream-time over the years than I’ve ever managed in real time, and nearly always either running in slow motion from things like talking alligators, or (again) trying to locate misplaced vehicles.

Fortunately, on this occasion I found myself floating in an inner tube in a warm and peaceful lagoon, and relishing the fact that (in my dream) I was skinny and fit enough to rock a bikini again. There was also some admitted participation (in my dream) by a really hot former boyfriend who could not possibly now look that good — but I digress. It was a good dream, and inspired me to pen the verse below. I also plan to publish it in our SCA newsletter. Go figure!



Adrift upon a seamless sea where waves eternal wander,
‘Neath skies like sequined tapestries where weightless clouds meander,
In dreams we find surcease of woe, where currents flow untethered,
And tarry on the leeward side of tempests we have weathered.

In sweet contentment’s ebb and flow, far from despair and anger
We sail upon a gentle tide untroubled, lost in languor,
And breezes fill the billowed sails of ships that bear our longings,
To golden shores where silver birds above the strands are thronging.

There softly, softly we sail on, with warming winds caressing,
And angels hover, deftly to bestow a gentle blessing.
No misery can there intrude while we in peaceful slumber
Remain adrift upon that sea, ‘neath dream-stars without number.

[02 August, 2016]

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