Sleepy Hollow?

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August 22, 2016 by phicks2012

8i6okyLBTIn early August — with the temperatures hovering in the ludicrous range and The Castle really needing a good Seasonal Cleaning due to general clutter, shedding felines, and suicidal wasps and ladybugs — there came a knock on my front door.

I have to say that inviting a stranger into my abode — especially when my dining room was cluttered with project debris, my rarely-used living room needed dusting, and my office was frankly littered with books from trying to inventory the ancient (and never used) Pennon Library — was not high on my personal wish list. Add the that the fact that my A/C was not turned on and that I was running around in certifiable grubbies, and you might get the general picture. No, the house did NOT resemble an episode of Hoarders, but neither did it hearken back to an issue of House Beautiful.

However, and be-that-as-it-may, there on my front stoop — just on the other side of my currently-under-repair threshold — stood a gentleman identifying himself as a location scout. Yes, another one.

My friends and family have been wondering for years why The Castle still had not been used as a location for one of the NUMEROUS television series being filmed in our area, and I’ve never been able to explain it myself. When the scout asked me if I’d ever been approached about using it as a location, I laughed and told him that it was, in fact, listed with the state Film Commission, and that a number of scouts had actually been by. “I’ve been scouted” I told him “by Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Devious Maids. I think the only one I’ve missed is Sleepy Hollow!” He laughed, gave me a cheery smile, and said “Well, now you have them too!”

He made a lot of pictures inside and out, and seemed very sure that they’d want to use the place as a location, but of course I’ve heard that before — notably from scouts for Vampire Diaries (three visits), The Originals (two visits) and to a lesser degree Devious Maids (one visit) — so it remains to be seen whether or not anything at all will come of it. Third Time WASN’T the Charm, but maybe Fourth Time will be.

Who knows. Maybe when you’re next tuned in to Sleepy Hollow the nebulous mists will clear and there it will be on the silver screen — or at least on the flat screen — appearing to millions of viewers world-wide.

Fingers crossed.


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