Olympiad Add-Ons?

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August 19, 2016 by phicks2012

Olympic_Rings.svgSo! I’ve been watching the Rio Summer Olympics, because I really like a number of Olympic style sports, and a lot of them are almost never televised except during the Olympics. I also enjoy cheering for the US and seeing amateur athletes (as opposed to celebrities and celebrity wanna-bes) compete.

I like watching gymnastics, swimming and diving, equestrian, archery, some of the track and field, occasionally running and cycling events, a bit of volleyball, some of the kayaking and rowing and sailing, and a little fencing. The networks cover most of those — at least a “little”, during the Olympics, and I’ve really enjoyed watching those sports, when I can find them!!!

The thing is though that frequently when I turn on the tube I seem to get beach volleyball — which I’m guessing is more popular than the regular kind because (and this is totally lost on me, personally) the female athletes wear less — and water polo (okay some of those guys tend to have hot bodies, but you mostly can’t tell that when they’re underwater, right?) and (aside from the eye-candy) I pretty much find water polo boring. Sorry.

I like volleyball, but I’d like to see some of those games replaced with other under-televised sports like — oh, an Equestrian Dressage or Cross Country Jumping competition, or Pentathlon, Decathlon or Archery.

I thought when the Olympics came around this time the multi-channel coverage would allow for more coverage of some of those sports, but that doesn’t seem to ever work out very well. Nope. The alternate channels carry basketball, golf, and soccer (sports I can watch just about any time year-round if I’m so inclined), or in the case of some of the channels boxing (a sport I’ve never cared for).

So what do you do if you’d really love to watch some of those events, and the networks don’t think they’re important enough to cover?

I tried calling my cable provider to find out whether they might have something like that On-Demand. Nope. If the network doesn’t supply the coverage, then they can’t get it either.

I tried checking the network website to see it they might just possibly offer coverage not found on regular TV, but that only helped a little. I was able to watch the entire Show Jumping Finals, but otherwise, aside from a few short video synopses with no commentary, I was out of luck there too.

I even tried going to the USEF channel on line to see if they were covering/streaming the Dressage and Cross Country Jumping, but Nope. Apparently not. Why not?  I mean, that the Equestrian Channel, right?

So here’s my most recent totally useless proposal: Let’s have a network to televise Olympic events not normally aired by anyone else. The theory here is that they go to the BIG Network and say “Hey, YOU aren’t interested in covering these, so let US have them, okay?” It’s not like they’d be cutting into NBC’s time, right?

So, what do you think? Think it would work, or would we just be subjected to non-stop synchronized swimming and table tennis? 😉 You decide.

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