“Who Shouts the Loudest”


August 8, 2016 by phicks2012

zMH900437803To make a long story VERY short, the following verse was inspired by the current political climate, where one, but ONLY ONE, of the things I most despise about politics is being showcased, broadcast, discussed, and tweeted about every day without the slightest improvement. Sorry folks. Belligerence now.  We’ll deal with hypocrisy, dishonesty, and immaturity later. 😉


Who Shouts the Loudest

When others speak, what words do we believe?
Are they the measured syllables we hear,
Or are by bitter rants our hearts deceived
And swayed by tones that most assault the ear?

Is truth defined as certain verity
Established fact that we can justify,
Or is it marked by loud cacophony
And words that anger will most ratify?

Do we pay heed to soft but honest speach
That is not shrieked, nor bellowed angrily,
Or do we listen but to those who preach
With strident tones and much hyperbole?

I listen, and the truth is seldom heard
In accusations that do most resound,
But rather in the modulated words
Of those who listen can the truth be found.

For provocation does not nullify
The truth, nor does it verity outshine,
And noise assault cannot transmogrify.
Who shouts the loudest does not truth define.

[02 August, 2016]

One thought on ““Who Shouts the Loudest”

  1. I’m afraid there’s not much hope for truth from either candidate, soft-toned or loud. The most common one word response when asked about one candidate was “liar” or a synonym. 😦 Enjoyed the poem. Don’t enjoy the politics of the day but what springs forth from a sinful nation is just a sinner to lead it.

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