The Mane Event

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August 5, 2016 by phicks2012

SoapIn mid-May I decided to look for my Waterpik water-flosser. Something like that ought to be easy to find, even if you tucked it away somewhere temporarily, right? I mean, it’s not as though it could get lost in a drawer, or would be missed if it were sitting in plain sight. I figured it pretty much had to be in one of my bathroom cabinets, so I started dragging stuff out. WOW!

Let me say, to begin with, that I may never need to purchase another cotton ball. I found six bags of those, three battery or electric manicure sets, three sets of electric curlers, a steam fabric brush, four different types of curling irons, a CASE of Yardley Old English Lavender soap (Niiice), several boxes of never-opened makeup (from one of those membership clubs), multiple scents of baby oil, about a thousand hair scrunchies, and vitamins that expired in 2010. No waterpik, but the floor was so full of stuff it was like a Ninja Warrior course. šŸ˜‰

Well, one of the largest and most unruly heaps was made up of shampoos and conditioners. I obviously must have tried, from the looks of it, every known sort of shampoo, but apparently I never finished using any of them, leaving dozens of half-empty bottles of shampoo (and let’s not forget conditioner) under the cabinets. Guess I couldn’t bring myself to toss the stuff I didn’t really like, but what the Hell. I decided that my budget could be considerably eased if I started using this up before spending money on any new shampoos or conditioners, but the question was — what did I use first? Did I use the bottles that were closest to being empty? How about the ones that looked the “oldest”? I had shampoos promising thicker hair, silkier hair, less frizzy hair, healthier scalp, fewer split ends, curlier hair, natural ingredients, and a well-conditioned mane and tail.

I knew that, despite copious advertising, none of these brands was actually and miraculously going to make my hair look like that of the hair product models on TV who toss their heads and their shining, abundant tresses flow like cascades of silk. After all, I’d tried all of them at one time or another, and apparently hadn’t bought any of them twice — even the expensive ones. So, in the end, I decided first to use the big-ass bottles of Mane and Tail shampoo and conditioner, bought because 1)I have horses, 2)it was cheap, and 3)I’d actually had a friend recommend it years (and YEARS) ago as a really good shampoo. REALLY.

Anyway, I’d actually bought that more than once over the years, and I remembered after using it why I’d done that! My hair was clean, and unfrizzy, and had body, and felt and smalled great — so I decided I’d keep that (Hey, it comes in huge bottles and I can pick it up when I go into the feed store, right?) and a few others, and donate all of the other half-used bottles to Jason. Actually, Mane and Tail is available even at a few regular stores too — if not at salons — so that ought to tell you that I’m not the only human being using it. Even though it doesn’t have a classy stylist’s name like Paul Mitchell on the label, there are other tressed humanoids out there using equine products. Count on it!!

A friend told me it really wasn’t good for my hair because it left a waxy build-up, but so far I’m not really seeing that. My mane is prospering, and everything is sorted and cleared up now. I still haven’t located my elusive Waterpik, mind you, but I did find a few other interesting items. Probably the best was a circa-1964 Lady Remington electric razor that still works perfectly. Now, the question is: do I use it, or try to find out if some collector out there is willing to pay a small fortune for it? šŸ˜‰ That’s the “Mane Thing”.

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