“The Court Herald”

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August 2, 2016 by phicks2012

herald03Just because I am a Herald — if not usually a Court Herald — and respect those who fill this need.

The Court Herald

Cry out Their names and lineage, call forth the Crowns into the hall,
And speak Their praise, and laud Their deeds, and hang Their Arms upon the walls.
Behind the Thrones stand tall and sure, to summon those the Royals deem
Deserving of Their words of praise, or coronets that polished gleam.
Speak out their names. Enunciate the syllables, for you know how
The Gaelic and the Welsh should flow; what tongues of Northmen would allow.
Pray call them forth in rolling tones that can be heard across a field,
Where armored warriors ready stand with blazoned arms upon their shields,
And where the Ladies, silken clad, beneath pavilions graceful stand,
And minstrels sweetly singing stroll, and children gambol near the strand.
Read out the words by scribes well-penned, in praise of those the Crown doeth name,
And so in dignity or mirth their phrases or their worth proclaim.
You are the Herald, and the voice of Royalty, and all should know
That you call forth these folk by name because the Crown would have it so.
And if you falter, still take pride that Kings and Queens, and Lords and Dames,
Were honored here and glorified, when you stood forth to call their names.

[24 June A.S. LI, 2016]

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