The Vandals

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July 25, 2016 by phicks2012

Vandal coinI’m into history, but not really into the Vandals. That having been said, and while I had some unsupervised and undisciplined children commit vandalism at my rental units before their parents were kicked out (by another landlord), I’ve lived in the Castle for 16 years now, and have never had any problems with any of my neighbors. In fact, we’ve always gotten along beautifully. There have never been any altercations, and we’ve always been friendly.

But recently it appears that someone must think they have a problem with me because things are being left in my driveway that could potentially damage a vehicle coming or going. First it was a wooden board with about ten nails sticking out of it. Jason, who when he walks over to our neighbor’s house, cuts along the property line between us and the new church next door, says that the board came out of their burn pile, and it probably did. It showed burn damage and he claimed to have seen it there, but the question is “who would have taken it out of the burn pile over the property line and put it in the middle of my driveway where it could easily have flattened multiple tires?”

Then about a month later on the afternoon of June 1st I was driving up my driveway to get some errands done and had to stop dead. There were two VERY large rocks sitting right in the middle of the driveway. Had it been dark, and had I not been paying attention I could easily have hit these and torn up the underside of my vehicle — or someone else pulling in could have done so. These rocks appeared to have been pulled out of the drain field for the culvert running under the driveway, and deliberately placed right where they would do the most damage. There was no “uphill” for them to have rolled from, and since I had to roll them aside myself I can attest to the fact that these were very heavy rocks — one over a foot across and nearly the size of a watermelon. Trust me, they did not move there by themselves.

Then, on June 2nd, we also found a faucet in the pasture turned on and left running, and since we’re on a well that could easily burn out the pump. Faucets don’t turn themselves on either, by the way.

Jason believed the miscreants to be be unsupervised teenagers, and while I’d hate to think teenagers would deliberately go out of their way (I live in the country) to tresspass and essentially booby-trap a total stranger’s driveway and cause potentially serious damage for no reason other than sheer meanness, I know it would be unrealistically naive of me to deny the distinct possibility. In any case, because it was the second incident I did file a police report, and the police also said that it sounded like teenage vandalism — though they didn’t entirely rule out immature sociopathic adults either, so we’re on the lookout for both or either. 😉

Do I sound like I have absolutely no use and no respect whatsoever for people — of whatever age — who do things like this? Good read!! If a person has to surrepticiously endanger or harm others to feel “powerful”, or thinks he or she has some obscure right to do so, then that isn’t power. It’s cowardess.

I’ve asked some of members of the church next door to pass the word, and to keep an eye out for people trespassing on my property, or on theirs, and warned them of vandals. The police say they’ll keep a closer eye on my place as well, and they told me that if anything else happened I should call them again. I promise you that I will. Furthermore, if we catch anyone doing any further mischief I also promise that I WILL press charges.

Fair’s fair. Let’s keep the Vandals in History!

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