What to Do? What to Do?

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July 23, 2016 by phicks2012

imagesWhat do you do when you’re bored, and can’t really afford to go much of anywhere else (other than home) to relieve the ennui?


1) It’s too hot to garden, and with pulled back muscles still healing doing much of that is not really a good option for me right now anyway. Unfortunately, the same is true presently of extensive housework (even if I enjoyed housework). Yeah, too many tasks require healthy back muscles to be properly done. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

2) Walking laps on a track in 90+ degree weather without someone to talk to is just as boring as having NOTHING to do, even if the weather weren’t sweltering and I weren’t risking heat stroke. Walking in the pastures or woods right now is shadier and less monotonous, but is also an open invitation to hitchhiking ticks, and I really HATE ticks. I’m also not crazy about risking the Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever the little buggers can carry. How about you?

3) I’ve read every one of the 1000s of books I own, nothing at the Kroger newstand looks interesting, bookstores pretty much don’t exist anymore, and I don’t own a tablet. I’d buy one, and am still contemplating my options, but there are just too many other things above it on the priority list, you know? Bills, groceries, and maybe saving up to hire a sharp-shooter to egg the networks who are cancelling some of the few TV shows I make it a point to watch.

4) There’s very little on TV right now, with lots of my shows folding or on summer hiatus. Even with something like 900 channels to choose from, I’m finding very little that I like, aside from sports, that hasn’t already been watched 50 times, and following the presidential campaign only makes me CRAZY. CRAZY, I say!

5) I’m currently tired of dealing with obnoxious people on WOW (on-line gaming), and with having no one intelligent to talk to regularly in-game. Possibly I’m just interacting with too many insufferable 14 year old boys, or people ACTING like insufferable 14 year old boys, but maturity isn’t always a factor of age or gender, right? Yeah, and I keep telling myself that!! 😉

6) I have three (maybe four with the new one) nice tenants now, but working on rental units can tend more to increase stress than to alleviate it. It’s also amazing how incapable some people can be of explaining problems over the phone — or of undertaking the simplest repairs. Guess they just don’t train people anymore to use a screwdriver. Maybe there’s a “Using a Screwdriver” video on UTube. You think?

7) Facebook helps, but really doesn’t reliably fill the need. I seem to miss a lot of the really interesting or amusing posts because I’m too busy wading through the — other kind. HEY! I’m trying to be diplomatic here!!!

IDEAS!!! I need IDEAS!!!

I’m down to:

1) Driving to the river and sitting in the rapids with a waterproof book. Do they make those?

2) Pursuading friends with functional air-conditioning in their cars to go with me to SCA events, or to meet me for lunch or for a cheap matinee movie! Of course, that doesn’t work as well if they have actual JOBS, right?

3) Kicking back in front of multiple fans to watch marathons of multi-season TV shows (ones I actually LIKE) on DVD or On-Demand, while periodically wasting the time of various nuisance callers — just as an additional diversion, you understand.

Other sugesstions are welcomed and are very definitely encouraged.;-)

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