“Call My Name”

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July 10, 2016 by phicks2012

Seal01A few days ago I posted a blog called “Just Deserts” about people having unrealistic expectations based upon what they believe they “deserve”, and mentioned that sometimes (though in my experience this is FAR less prevalent than in real life) in the SCA we encounter people with fairly high-flown expectations of getting awards and honors in record time because they feel “entitled” to them.

At the time, I didn’t write a verse to go along with it, because — well, frankly it was already far too long anyway. 😉 However, the verse below, inspired by that same theme, started taking form while I was driving to the Dollar General Store for cat food — go figure — and finished up sometime later. Inspiration is like that sometimes!

I hope some will enjoy it.


Call My Name

The Supplicant:

Upon the Throne you sit with crownéd head
All garbed in luxury and Royal pride,
And thus you have the power to bounty spread
And see my aspirations gratified.

I have for long enough in lowly state
Been languishing without entitlement,
While others of less worth you venerate,
And name as Lords and Barons excellent.

Thus, I am discontent, for I desire
That others bow their heads when I draw nigh;
That praises from their lips I may require,
And they obeisance make when I pass by.

A coronet should well enhance my brow
And bright regalia lie upon my chest,
Great titles You may easily endow
And make my own importance manifest.

So as You sit in power on the Throne
You can enoble me by Royal whim,
Ensuring that my might and worth are known
To all, and that I wear a diadem.

I should be honored, as I do desire,
For I deserve high station and acclaim.
To kudos and prestige I do aspire,
And will be great if you but call my name

The Crown:

My Lord the Crown is heavy that I wear
And honor by my hand is but affirmed.
It is not given like a sword to bear,
Nor recognized for honor unconfirmed.

I cannot name you noble by decree
If you are not enobled by your heart.
As Lord or serf, whatever you may be,
It will be known as you play out your part.

Within My noble Realm I must assure
That service, art and chivalry be served.
The principles of justice must endure,
And none should bow to honors undeserved.

By fiat I might grant what you desire,
But it would have no meaning and no weight
If grace in others you do not inspire.
False gold will tarnish, though it be ornate.

Demanding honors will not make them due,
Nor will impatience hurry them along,
Nor claiming value bring them forth to you
If on your brow a crown does not belong.

Go forth and serve, in fealty and with skill,
Inspiring others as you earn acclaim.
Your empty cup you should with honor fill,
For ’til you do, I will not call your name.

[03 June, A.S. LI, 2016]

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