“Just Deserts”?

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July 5, 2016 by phicks2012

wh_tudors“Get the Settlement YOU DESERVE!!” Has there ever been a more slippery statement? Personal Injury Lawyers on TV are always saying this, implying HUGE settlements for auto accidents, slip-and-falls and class action lawsuits against drug companies, but really — what does a client really DESERVE? That’s probably the $50,000 question, isn’t it?

My friend Jason was notified a while back that he was a part of one of those class action lawsuits against a company he’d worked for in the past — one that folded suspiciously, leaving a number of employees unpaid for their work. He’s probably received two dozen letters from the attorneys, and his share at this point seems to be less than $10. They’ve undoubtedly paid more than that in postage for those letters, and he still hasn’t seen a penny, so one has to wonder who, exactly, is getting paid, right?

But people who are suing “simply to get a payout” are always going to assume that they “deserve” an enormous settlement, especially when the attorneys are on TV bragging about the HUGE mounds of cash they’ve gotten for their clients, but sometimes it’s all a matter of perspective.

There are folks in the SCA, too, who figure they “deserve” major awards and titles. Most of our folk are honored and appreciative of the awards they receive, and rightly so, but some figure they’re being short-changed if they don’t get the awards they want, or don’t get them quickly enough. I once dated someone like that who, once he got involved with the SCA, figured he ought to be Knighted within a year. Right! Thankfully, he’s LONG gone. 😉

People like that start off complaining if they don’t get their Awards of Arms right away, or don’t immediately get invited to join a household, or aren’t almost instantly belted as a Squire, Apprentice, Protege or Provost. They don’t appreciate the awards they do get, because instead of feeling “honored” they figure the honor was “deserved”, and probably “long over-due”.

But here’s the thing. We should always be striving to deserve the honors we already have, and appreciating those honors, rather than always coveting more, and feeling cheated. That’s why I try never to recommend anyone for an award who thinks they “deserve” it. As soon as someone starts seriously complaining and carping about not having certain awards, my internal recommendation clock tends to reset immediately, and if they grouse because someone else they think less “deserving” has received an award they covet, that clock resets yet again.

So in the SCA, while some people do admittedly receive undeserved awards (we’re human after all, and can misjudge or be fooled), I hope that most who are called up in Court will continue to be TRULY deserving and appreciative, and that we all will continue to strive and to bring only the “truly” deserving to the attention of the Crown.

Just deserts, both mundanely and in the SCA, should be just that. “Just”.


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