Legends XXII: Spartacus

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June 24, 2016 by phicks2012

On Saturday June 18th the fabled SCA Shire of Sol Haven hosted “Legends XXII: Spartacus”.

Sol Haven has existed now for 28 years, and for 25 of those has hosted at least one local anual event. We started off, for the first three years, with an event called “Rites of Spring”, because the event was held in the spring and the name just seemed logical, but then when we had to move our event to the summer due to scheduling issues we changed the name to “Legends”, each year picking a famous historical person or culture as our theme. The theme has ranged from Brian Boru, to Boudicca, to Pirates, to Celts, to King Arthur, to Vlad the Impaler, and this year our theme was Spartacus and the Slave Rebellion of the 1st Century BC. Yes, we know, that’s more than a bit early for the SCA time period, but in the heat of June in Georgia having a theme that invites the wearing of togas cannot be over-estimated! Trust me! πŸ˜‰

Legends was planned as a one-day event — though next year we may return to a weekend format — and was set up to have a very low gate price and lots and lots of fighting. That was BOUND to make the martially inclined VERY HAPPY, but we were also hoping against hope that Mother Nature would go easy on us this year, and that the weather would not be oppressively hot. Stuff like that tends to cut down on attendance, and have us all dreading the daunting possibilities of heat stroke, chafing, and really sweaty garb. πŸ˜‰

As the date for Legends neared, and the whole Kingdom (and in fact the whole mundane country) was sweltering under an intense heat wave, the prospects for having a pleasant day (and hence a good turnout at the event) did NOT seem to be good. However, closer-in The Weather Channel, for once, predicted a cool day — that’s nothing to sneeze at either in mid-June — and due to changes in their travel plans the Crown planned to attend as well. YES!

We also had a number of merchants announcing their intentions to set up at the event, and we planned for Heavy, Rapier and Youth Combat, as well as Archery and Live Weapons — all with some really entertaining scenarios that included a lots of whacking and shooting at representatives or effigies of hapless Roman soldiers! πŸ˜‰

As it happened, the Weather Gods smiled, and we had a high temperature of only 83F with a steady and pleasant breeze all day. As a result, attendance was good, the fighters archers and live weapons hurlers were able to enjoy their activities, on-looking and socializing were comfortable and pleasurable, and the members of our host group were DELIGHTED and un-dripping!!

We also had about a dozen interested locals (including two in garb) to walk up and ask for information — look around, meet people, handle armor and weaponry, and even take a few practice swings at (Well-Armored) opponents. That was fun too!

In Royal Court His Majesty Adhemar saw fit to present awards to several of our deserving local luminaries, as well as presenting a very entertaining “Letter of Mark” to an industrious Privateer — AARRRRGGGHHHH — and we believe the whole event to have been a great success, with most fighting scenarios having the slaves righteously triumph over their Roman oppressors! Vivat!

So Legends has now been hosted once again, for the 22nd time, allowing us to welcome friends new and old from far and wide, and we can once again begin looking forward to next year!!! That should give us PLENTY of time to plan, right? πŸ˜‰

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