Junk Mail Filtering?

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June 3, 2016 by phicks2012

western_clipart_bullSo, how do you sort your email to get rid of SPAM?

My spam filter works really well, as a rule, so I’m guessing it agrees with me that any email with a subject line containing the words “singles”, “sexy”, “medical”, “rehab”, “loan”, “viagra”, “Cialis” or the name of a celebrity needs to be trashed immediately, and while I haven’t for some time gotten one perporting to be from that nation, I’m pretty sure the word “Nigeria” would kick one the hell out too. 😉

Even if it does mostly go straight into my junk mail folder where it justly belongs, I still get tons of spam from senders wanting to scam me out of money, sell me male enhancement products I don’t have the body parts to need, hook me up with Asian, Russian, or other foreign women that (being straight) I don’t have the remotest inclination to experience, help me to have affairs with married men (yeah, right!), and clue me in on how celebrities I don’t give a <insert appropriate expletive here> about “supposedyl” lost weight, got off drugs, or cleared up their complexions. What a BOON! Makes me just want to RUSH to open up THOSE!

I also have a specific email address I use, as a rule, to deal with any on-line businesses that might be tempted to share it with spammers, so while, every once in a while, some trash will get through the filters and have to be manually deleted, that’s generally where it goes — if not directly into the junk mail folder without passing GO or collecting 200-dollars (or in fact 2-cents) from me.

On the other hand, I’ll occasionally be looking through what ought to be ligitimate email and find one that needs to be consigned immediately to some alternate reality, and every once in a while, something I do want gets junked by mistake, but generally I would be safe if I just hit “delete all” and sent 100-200 emails a day from my junk folder into sweet oblivion all at once without even looking.

So what “buzz words” do YOU add to your spam filter to head off annoying emails? Hint: They cannot be words that have any business appearing in the subject lines of legimimate emails! That’s the challenge! Who will take it?

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