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April 29, 2016 by phicks2012

EQ322-1604-FrontRecently, when the deadline approached for my monthly SCA newsletter for the Shire of Sol Haven, I realized suddenly that “YIKES, this is the APRIL issue!!” For 26 years, every April issue of The Equinox has been, by tradition, an April Fool’s issue, intended more for entertainment and amusement — though a nominal sampling of fact is provided too — than for information and education. As a result, I tend to start on it nearly a year ahead — on my computer, of course — and visit the publication periodically to insert the requisite nonsense, foolishness, poppycock, and absurdity.

I collect amusing quotes, create bogus recipes, document and create spurious poetic forms, insert bizarre ads, fabricate peculiar quizzes, bring into being nonsensical articles, give out fake awards, report on non-existent events and activities, and (of course) create a centerfold. These issues average around 48-52 pages — yes, I said 48-52 — because otherwise all of the insanity simply cannot be fit in, and that, in my obviously biased opinion, would be a real shame!

Fortunately, throughout our history the members of our Shire have nearly all possessed the remarkable ability to laugh at themselves. They’ve endured being represented in comic strips, presented with dubious “honors”, lampooned and poked fun at — and in fact have often deliberately given me ideas for doing all of the above, bless their hearts. 😉

Admittedly, there have been a few odd folks who, despite being exposed to the Sol Haven Aura, have never quite developed a functional sense of humor, or who have never quite inspired levity or parody, or whose inabilty to laugh at themselves have made them exceedingly poor candidates for inclusion in this particular issue. Fortunately, however, there is usually plenty of material to work with, so this year’s issue was released right on time with its usual supply of lunacy.

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not possible to put out a monthly SCA newsletter, or that you cannot have some fun doing it. Even our normal issues have humor, and I think that’s something we need in our lives, whether SCA or fantasy, or Mundane. Celebrate humor, and the people who appreciate it!!! To those who envy you:

“To jealousy, nothing is more frightful than laughter”… Francoise Sagan

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