Daft or Draft?

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April 15, 2016 by phicks2012

Rep and Dem HelmsIs it just me, or — after all of the nastiness and insanity associated with the current presidential race — is anyone else finding themselves FAR more interested the in NFL Draft than in the impending Political Party Conventions?

I tried, honestly I did, to follow the race for the presidency, because the outcome is going to be important to me and to everyone else in the country, and I’d like to cast my vote wisely. However, none of the Democratic or Republican candidates are moderate enough not to scare the tee-total hell out of me, and to tell the truth I saw more maturity in middle school than I’m seeing from certain supposedly adult presidential candidates.

I know people who would probably cast a vote based upon the relative “hotness” of the candidates’ wives, the size of their hands, or the volume of their insults, but I’m not one of them, and unless and until I hear a candidate talking intelligently about things that ought to really matter I’m not altogether sure I won’t be writing in Lady GaGa. I don’t think there’s any question of HER being an American citizen, right?

So after watching CNN (and other channels covering mostly the presidential race) long enough to find myself reaching repeatedly for the MUTE button when news-bits ragarding something I found offensive, juvenile, and ridiculous the FIRST time around recycles for the TENTH or the TWENTIETH time, I’m now starting to hit the CHANNEL button instead.

Suddenly I find myself more interested — at least for the time being — in what NFL team will be getting the first round draft pick, and in who that might be. Suddenly, when chosing between TV Channels with 3-letter acronyms, I’m selecting NFL over CNN — TLC, by the way, was never in the running, just so you’ll know — and since I don’t really like ANY of the political candidates, I find myself hoping that the one ultimately selected will have less actual impact on my life than whether the Atlanta Falcons can manage to snag a quality Linebacker.

In the meanwhile, I may settle for getting my political commentary off of Saturday Night Live where they are at least finding something positive — i.e. HUMOR — about the presidential race, and otherwise stick with watching sports (where at least there is some sportsmanship). šŸ˜‰

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