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April 12, 2016 by phicks2012

LouLouIn mid-March — as I was already stressing over paying my bills in the wake of a bathtub refurbishing in a rental unit, the need for new eyeglasses, and the fact that two of my rentals were empty — a friend told me not to sweat the small stuff, and I was moved to wonder just what qualified as “small”.

Then Jason informed me that the tractor was –okay, if she was not on her last legs she certainly had only three that were usable. It would appear that the cast iron gear housing/hub/whatever for the front right wheel had come apart, possibly as the result of metal fatigue or a flaw in the metal. The complete part (if it were in one piece) was solid steel, and probably weighed over 200 pounds, counting the gears and bearings and seals. AACCKKKKK!

I knew with a sobering certainty that even if I could find and order the part, the shipping ALONE was going to be ridiculous, right? Still I started calling every tractor place I could find on-line, some as far away as Ohio and Montana, but apparently none of them were open on weekends — at least during the winter. It still technically qualified as “Winter” at the time. Great!

My neighbor told me to browze Craigs List for used tractor parts, and I did TRY. However, never having used Craigslist before, I had no idea at first how to narrow down a search of the Farm+Garden category — which, by the way, includes equipment, plants, furniture, storage and livestock, but not a sign of a tractor part. Remind me to tell him that auto parts have two separate categories and so are easy for him to find, since he was using that as his example. Yeah! Later I did figure out how to search for tractor parts, but there were only 116 items and most of those were whole tractors. Scratch Craigs List, at least for the moment, though if I had the cash there were a few things there I definitely would have looked at. Can you say aerators, tillers, and (what the hell) backhoes?

Still no word on the part, by the way.

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