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April 1, 2016 by phicks2012

Icon01So, the really large scale political debates/free-for-alls and the primaries/insult swaps are done, reducing the roster of presidential hopefuls/reality stars by a vast margin. I don’t know about anyone else, but the one positive thing I’ve found about all of this has been the political parodies done on Saturday Night Live, and I’ll miss those now that there are so many fewer hopeful politicians to make fun of.

Don’t get me wrong, I voted in the primaries. I’d have no right to complain/bitch/gripe/whine if I didn’t, but I’m WAY too moderate and middle-of-the-road to EVER wind up voting for a winner in the primaries. It just doesn’t happen. Now, in the general elections I have a passing chance (sometimes) of that happening — or 50/50 if I vote either Democrat or Republican — but since I tend to vote for moderate candidates I think have some degree of common sense, honor, and class, I rarely luck up. The extremes of liberalism and conservatism always seem to me to win, and campaign promises — give me a BREAK!

I’d dearly love to find a candidate I actually want to support, but that doesn’t happen, almost EVER. I’m much more likely to vote in the primary featuring the most offensive/psychotic/brain-damaged candidate, so that I can vote AGAINST that person than I am to pick my primary in order to vote FOR someone. That’s sad and tragic, but most of the people I know seem to feel the same way.

I’ll vote against a candidate who throws mud rather than dealing with the issues. I’ll vote against anyone who tries to blame any single group of people for the country’s woes. and I’ll vote against a candidate who’s bigoted, intolerant, strident and pig-headed. I don’t really care what a candidate’s gender or ethnicity or religion might be, but I do care if he or she seems to want to pile more of a burden on the already over-burdened middle class than is already the case, and I care if they have completely idiotic and unworkable solutions to the country’s problems — though I might vote for one wanting to shoot violent career felons, spree killers, mass murderers, and child molesters off into deep space. 😉

So what’s a voter to do when the candidates all see to be either too WAY far to the left or WAY too far to the right? I’m not a fan of candidates who seem to focus exclusively either on the ultra poor or the ultra rich, and rob Peter (aka always the Middle Class) to pay Paul (aka whomever they’re focused on). I’m afraid Hilary would make my life worse financially, and I’ can’t afford to take any more hits in that area, and I’m not sure Sanders would be any better, but at the same time I have problems with some of Cruz’s intentions, and Trump scares the bejesus out of me and offends the hell out of me.

So, do the Libertarians have a candidate yet? Just askin’.


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