Guilty Pleasures

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March 28, 2016 by phicks2012

TV-Head Gorilla-SWe all have TV shows that we watch, at least occasionally, knowing perfectly well that they aren’t great drama, and will probably rot our brains. I have a couple of Court TV shows (but only a few) that I will watch — though usually while doing other things. I’ll even pay some slight attention to them on occasion, though I draw the line at watching the ones where they seemingly line up only litigants just slightly less ignorant and outrageous than the ideal Jerry Springer and Bill Cunningham guests.

I sometimes find court cases interesting (despite being subjected to a constant flood of lawyers’ ads between segments) when they involve semi-intelligent people and interesting points of law, but I really have zero interest in watching obvious low-lifes scream at and threaten one another, each accusing the other of being a crackhead, a pimp or a felon, even when it seems likely that all of those things might very well be true. 😉

I have no interest in watching two ignorant women eager to come to blows over some worthless, self-proclaimed “player” proud of having fathered children by a dozen other women, and supported none of them. I have no interest in watching people flaunt their stupidity and total lack of common sense on TV, so what I’ll do, even if I’m otherwise half-watching one of these shows, is to mute it as soon as this sort of nonsense starts up. At that point, regardless of what the original case was about, I totally stop caring about the outcome. Were I on a jury for such a case, I would be forced to pay attention, but on TV? Not a chance!

People like watching train-wrecks, apparently. They must really love watching other people shout, and name-call, and threaten, and show their collective fundiments, and so I must assume that there’s an audience out there for that sort of thing. However, for someone who doesn’t have a huge amount of faith in the judicial system to begin with — having followed the trials of Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson — they don’t exactly fill me with a sense of confidence in the system.

Okay, I know that TV Court shows have very little (procedurally) in common with actual court proceedings. Judges on TV have to provide “entertainment” for their viewing audiences, so some of them encourage bad behavior in their courtrooms by failing to control their litigants, and by laughing and joking about their antics. Those are the ones I don’t watch — once I figure that out.

I’ll continue to let the “better” examples of this genre run in the background while I’m working on our SCA Newsletter, or answering email, or drawing comics, or doing something else on my computer. In fact, I’ll even change the channel to get to one of them if something else I find totally offensive or stupid comes on TV. I’ll hit the “Guide” button in a skinny minute to seek out something else if Springer, or Cunningham, or Real Housewives pops up, and while I’ll watch TMZ — because while I could care less about celebrity gossip I find that show to be both funny and intelligent — I don’t watch Dish Nation.

I suppose I ought to be grateful that daytime TV is no longer nearly totally dominated by Soap Operas, and for the existence of DVDs and services like Netflix — and I am. Trust me. However, during the day I think I’ll just go on watching mainly The Science Channel with occasional forays into Court TV or Animal Planet — and if Mars sues Venus on TV over neglected animals I’ll be good to go!! 😉


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