Getting Your Rocks Off?

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March 14, 2016 by phicks2012

rockOkay, now that I have the undivided attention of the more prurient-mined amongst you, I’m going to have to admit that this post isn’t about what you probably expected it to be about. It’s about “rocks” — so there!

Well, well, well. Years and years ago when The Castle was being built, we knew that the water source would be a well, and one was therefore drilled — a really deep one, but with a small opening. This wasn’t, and isn’t, the sort of well into which you can lower a bucket, and when the power goes off so does the water, but that rarely happens, and it’s really nice water.

There are only a few things about the well that can be problematic. One is that the portion above ground is unattractive and can be damaged by — say, a falling limb or kicking horse, or other force of nature. The other is that the well-head is only slightly above the normal flood-level for the creek that forms one of my property lines. The first issue was taken care of — supposedly — by placing a hollow fake boulder over the well-head to hide and to protect it, and generally that works just fine. It also protects against freezing. However, the boulder is made of some sort of dense foam material that just happens to float if there’s enough water present. As a result, if the creek levels rise high enough to get to the well, the bolder may just start floating away.

A few months ago we had rather a LOT of rain — enough so that after my lower pasture flooded the water level just kept on rising. It didn’t reach the house. The last time that happened there was a 500-year flood nearly 20 years ago. However, it did cover a chunk of the usually unaffected upper pasture to the extent that the tires on the stock trailor parked there were entirely underwater, the watering trough and feed troughs were submerged, and the driveway was not all that easily navigable. Oh, and the rock covering the well-head was floating in the upper pasture.

I was probably very lucky that the rock got shifted to a higher area rather than washed away downstream, and I wasn’t altogether sure it wasn’t still in danger of drifting that way if I didn’t wade in and try to capture it and drag it out of the water. As a result, when my brother asked me jokingly if we’d gotten much rain, I filled him in on the saga of the rock.

Funny thing about that. He also lives near water, and apparently a similar rock had at some point miraculously appeared in his yard. He had no idea where it had come from, but asked if I wanted a second rock as a backup, since he’d never found a use for it.

So I now have two fake rocks — really BIG fake rocks — one covering the well-head and the other protecting a water spigot. So, having started a collection I’m thinking that anyone else having a fake boulder needing a home should probably let me know. Get your rocks off your hands. 😉

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