March 11, 2016 by phicks2012

ctree2I write poetry for a variety of reasons, inspired by a variety of things. Some of the inspiration is positive, and at other times it’s negative — like life itself.

I understand perfectly well why some friendships fail. Sometimes people simply grow apart, and sometimes a relationship has to end because it proves, in the end, to be toxic. I’ve ended a few friendships myself, sadly, for the latter reason, regretting the necessity but realizing that it needed to be done. Then again, sometimes one of the friends simply betrays the other in some way or allows themselves to be poisoned against their friend, and while that is tragic it happens all too often, I’m afraid.

But true friends should be faithful, and give one another the benefit of the doubt until no doubt at all remains that the friendship has to be ended. They don’t turn on their friends at the drop of a proverbial hat, but should wait until what drops is more the size of a Buick. 😉

So, here’s a hint, in poetic form. I hope some of you enjoy it, and that others don’t — assuming, of course, that they even read it. 😉


A word not well-considered falls unseen,
By chance, its echos hung upon the air,
To hover undevised, and lie between
Two friends, one hearing spite and malice there.

The speaker, meaning neither slight nor harm,
Goes innocently forth, all unaware,
But not the listener. Though no alarm
Is given, anger festers there.

And it is nurtured, building day by day,
As though a quantity of blood were spilt,
With rage amassing there to eat away
What time and trust supposedly had built.

The speaker cannot know, not being told,
What has occurred, and cannot understand.
For silence is not always formed of gold
And answers may the questioner demand.

The listener, by neither word nor deed,
Will make response, but hugs the anger near.
The venom spills instead to those who’ll heed;
The rage-words bent to find an eager ear.

True friends do not to petty umbrage cling
Responding vengefully to paltry slight
With anger unproportional, and bring
True injury to bear, as if by right.

True friends do not assume that harm is meant,
Nor turn to succor enemies, in spite,
To wound a friend who had no ill-intent.
They are not friends who would in this delight.

And while this truth the listener would deny,
When they strike out in pique, spiteful and rash,
An eye is not demanded for an eye,
But rather deemed fit payment for a lash.

If you would e’er befriend, keep this in mind,
That friends believe the best, if best there be.
They are not to suspicion all inclined,
Interpreting a slight as infamy.

And if you turn your back, and pain impart,
And prove your friendship is so cheaply sold,
Then hold your anger closest to your heart,
For it may be the only thing you hold.

[11 February 2016]

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