It’s a Hit?

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February 22, 2016 by phicks2012

TV-Head Gorilla-SDon’t you just love it when TV shows that haven’t even premiered yet are advertised as “Hit Series”? I found myself wondering the other day upon what criteria they base such a claim when the viewing public certainly has had no opportunity to declare the show a “Hit”, and when one glance at the ad/trailer is sufficient to make me take note of when it’s airing so that I can give it a very, very wide berth.

Apparently, based upon my research, a show USED to be declared a “hit” based upon high Neilson ratings, but nowadays there are so many different ways to watch programs — live TV, video streaming, on-demand, etc. — that keeping up with audience numbers is reputedly not what it used to be — despite rampant computer technology. Now (if you trust Twitter and Facebook, which I don’t) they frequently calculate hit status based upon how many tweets are generated, or by how many messages concerning the show appear on social media. That means that if this is remotely true they’re basing “hit” status on the opinions of people who have nothing better to do than blather on via electronic media about their favorite TV show — a LOT — rather than by how many people are actually watching the program. Yep. Viewers can be as dedicated and involved as all Hell in a show, but if they don’t flood Twitter or Facebook with constant inane chatter about that show and its cast the producers won’t deem it a “hit”. Impressive!

Don’t be mislead. They may still “advertise” it as a hit, because they can call literally ANYthing a hit — just like literally any talentless goober can be declared a “star”. The other day I heard “Mountain Monsters” (in which a bunch of bearded mountain men run around at night yelling and not finding Bigfoot) touted as a “Number One Show”, and found myself wondering in what bizarre alternate universe that might be the case. I figured maybe it was the number one show in its night and time-slot on that particular network, since then it wouldn’t have any competition at all, but maybe that’s just me.

Let’s face it, I’m probably not EVER going to be used as a gauge by any of the networks, because while I do qualify as a fan of a number of TV shows — not one of them featuring a mostly teenage cast (sorry CW), or having a title comprising the words “Real” or “Celebrity” (Sorry Bravo), or starring a bunch of has-been or self-proclaimed celebrities desperately trying to reclaim a pitiful sliver of limelight (or appearing on TLC) — I have a real life and at least a thousand better things to do with my days than constantly flooding Twitter and Facebook with pointless blather.

So, what happens if they come out with an Ap designed to do nothing except post automatic tweets every five minutes about how someone needs to bring back Honey Boo-Boo? Would it suddenly be “trending”, and would some clueless network (or tasteless network executive) actually decide, based upon this, that resurrecting that piece of dreck might be a good idea? Does that scare you as much as it does me?

Or can we get together and hire an executive “hit” man to take out the crap shows? Hey! It’s a thought!


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