Turn Away

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February 16, 2016 by phicks2012

ctree2So many television shows, “reality” shows in particular, owe their popularity to manufactured melodrama, subterfuge, back-stabbing, dishonesty and manipulation — and for some reason people apparently like this. I haven’t, personally, been able to figure out why. I’m not sure why they’d want watch this sort of thing from a distance when they surely wouldn’t want to deal with it in their own lives. Maybe some of them want to cheer for the few “good guys” to actually make it through the casting process and hope that they will “win”, rather than just getting off on watching conflict. Maybe. Personally, I’d rather see a scenario that favors good and cooperative behavior rather than fostering and rewarding sleaziness, but that may be just me.

I definitely do NOT want this sort of thing in my real life, thank you very much. If someone in my life is a user, a manipulator, an habitual liar, or a basic sociopath, I tend to cut them OUT of my life if I can, and KEEP it that way.

So, the verse below was written with that sort of thing in mind. Hopefully, some of you will like it.

Turn Away

Turn away from strife unwarranted; from deeds that foster grief;
Away from words that wound men’s souls and ravage their beliefs.
Turn away from cruelty, and lust for power and for fame.
What poses as ambition well may wear another name.

Turn away from lies that blacken hearts, and from ensurient schemes,
That profit only selfish goals, despoiling others’ dreams.
Turn away when envy lifts her head, for if you take her hand,
The truth will turn her face away, and falsehood take command.

Turn away from plotting. Those who proffer rumor and deceit,
Rise only from another’s fall, their vanity conceit.
They do not by their merits soar, nor by their talents thrive,
And only oppugnation will await when they arrive.

For those who think to profit from destruction and from lies,
Deserve no veneration, and become what we despise.
Those who descend the liar’s path, and honor cast away,
Will stumble finally, because they did not turn away.

[13 January, 2016]


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