When Cats Attack?


January 25, 2016 by phicks2012

Thiam 01-11-16No, I don’t have an attack cat. Jason’s “Chico” might have a penchant for attacking sheetrock, savaging toilet paper rolls, and terrorizing small rodents, but my cat “Thiam” is more inclined to monopolize laps, decorate window sills, and hog attention. She likes to climb onto the back of The Throne — my tall and newly reupholstered desk chair — and rub against the back and side of my head while I’m trying to work on my computer, and if I let her sleep with me she’ll wake me up promptly at 5am wanting out — after which she’ll return to my bedroom door and cry until I go downstairs and feed her breakfast. If I don’t let her sleep with me — usually because I’m tired and really don’t WANT to be awakened at 5am, she’ll still show up outside my bedroom door at that hour crying for breakfast, but if I have music playing, or white noise available, or the TV going I can avoid hearing her for a while — MAYBE.

I’ve never figured out just why she wants to cuddle in the heat of summer, but in the winter the heat doesn’t factor in so I can work around a snuggling lap cat as long as she’ll just lie down instead of standing on my lap blocking my view of the computer keyboard, because (not being a touch typist) I need to SEE where my fingers are going to land or I’ll wind up typing gibberish. As long as she doesn’t pace back and forth across my knees rubbing her head against my face, I can (with luck) still get my work done, but sometimes she just will NOT settle down. Right now, for example, even as I type she’s walking to and fro across the back of The Throne meowing and rubbing against the back of my head, knocking my ponytail askew and periodically putting her fore-paws on my shoulder just to make absolutely sure her complaints go right into my ear and I know that she’s feeling ignored, and purring loud enough to register on the Richter scale. She also drools. So, I guess you can say that I have a demanding feline, like so many in the world who don’t fit the popular feline definition of “aloof”. God, what a BABY!!

Is it unethical to drug a cat senseless with catnip?



3 thoughts on “When Cats Attack?

  1. Woodie says:

    I have never personally tried it ,but ,I hear cats make a good lndian soup .

    • Bronwen o Gydweli says:

      WoW! Mine’s never shown much of an affinity for haute cuisine, but I’ll have to give mine an apron and the recipe, and she how it turns out! 😉

      • woodie says:

        when you have its apron & chapeax prepared make sure you check the dish before serving . cat hair on the tongue is rather disgusting .

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