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December 28, 2015 by phicks2012

Icon-BronwenAs many of you know, because I post and subject my readers to the comics once a month, I started creating the things years ago when I needed filler material for our Shire’s monthly SCA newsletter, “The Equinox”. But I don’t only do them for the newsletter, or even for my SCA quarterly Household Newsletter “The White Antelope” (different strip). I am endlessly inspired by funny, quirky and eccentric people, and when I sit down to create new strips it’s usually because a humorous suggestion has been made, or because something really absurd has happened, or because someone has opened his or her mouth and something truly bizarre or wonderful has popped out. Usually.

If I’m giggling when I start working, that’s always a good sign, because it means I’m going in with what is probably a good idea, and sometimes I start with a whole LIST of ideas. I may go months without creating a single comic panel, especially if nothing is happening to inspire me, and then I’ll suddenly look at my collection and realize that I have only a single month’s worth of strips ready for future use. Oops. Not good.

So I’ll start looking around for inspiration — listening to what the generally very entertaining folks in the Shire or Household are saying and joking around about — and I almost always find it. Suddenly, I’m taking notes, and by the time I get home again I have at least half a dozen specific ideas, and maybe one or two more notions that can be expanded into multiple strips.

Having Scadianized versions of movie monsters appear in the strips came about because someone pointed out that one of our former members, THLady Caitilin, would be nice to literally ANYONE, and I thought it might be amusing to have her welcoming (as newcomers to the Shire) characters like Freddie, Jason, and Satan, that no one else in his or her right mind would think of welcoming. Exageration and taking concepts to extremes seems to work very well for comics. 😉

Having deceased former members like Lady Eva, Lady Finnguala, and Lady Isabetta (in The Equinox and The White Antelope) (and THLady Magy in The White Antelope), reappear as recurring characters happened because someone said it was a pity they weren’t still around to be included — and because I just knew they would have appreciated knowing that they were still being fondly remembered. I still believe they’re probably looking down and laughing. If not, I guess I’ll find out when I make that journey myself, huh?

When I get going, sometimes I actually have so many ideas and possibilities that I wind up getting almost TOO far ahead, and that doesn’t leave room for unexpected opportunities. An embarrassment of riches? In any case, what I do then is to create only three strips for each month. Since I include four strips in each issue of The Equinox, that leaves one vacant spot open for each month, and that has been working very well for me should something wildly funny happen that is time-sensitive and just cries out to be memorialized! I love it when that happens!

Because we are, after all, talking about comic strips, the quirks and idiocyncracies of my subjects have, of course, been exagerated, but I’m endlessly thankful that they already are very funny and tolerant people. If I find out otherwise, I’ll stop including them. That makes it so much easier to continue coming up with humorous ideas that, hopefully, will also make other people laugh — or at least chuckle.

So thanks once again to all of the funny people, past and present, who have inspired me to create and to continue creating comics! Hugs to you all, and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


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