Eviction: The Reprise

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December 1, 2015 by phicks2012

Old CottageAs I’ve mentioned before, the landlord who owns the two duplexes next to mine finally evicted the low-lifes who were throwing trash and debris into my yards, leaning up against my units to roll joints, partying on my property, and letting their kids vandalize my a/c units and damage my shrubbery. He said he’d actually rented to an elderly lady, but her whole family had moved in and he hadn’t been able to get them out because he couldn’t prove they weren’t just “visiting” when he went by. He had to wait for the woman to default on the rent to get them out, and I did absolutely feel sorry for him, especially after seeing the carnage they left behind.

People seem to assume that Landlords are villans, but some tenants are just horrible, and these were the tenants from HELL! He wound up pretty much having to gut the entire unit and replace everything in it, including most of the sheetrock, all of the floor covering, and all of the doors and windows. I couldn’t actually see into the kitchen, and didn’t ask, but I’m betting he had to replace all of the appliances too, and probably all of the cabinets. These people were THAT BAD, and that doesn’t even include the spray paint on the brick that is having to be removed and the millions of roaches having to be exterminated.

Laws are written to protect renters rather than to protect property owners, and this poor guy really got shafted. However, I’m hoping that his insurance premiums won’t skyrocket and that this will teach him a lesson — and get him to hire someone else to manage his rentals. That way he’ll have someone who can run background checks, and whose job it is to make routine checks and file eviction paperwork if the rent isn’t paid or it becomes evident that the tenants are damaging the property. Otherwise, he might just wind up renting to another batch like the last one.

I have no idea how any human being can choose to live like these people did, and this was a matter of choice. That unit was nice when they moved in, and will be nice again once the owner finally manages to get it redone, but there’s just no excuse for moving into a nice place and totally trashing it. You have to be a real low-life with zero class and no sense of personal hygiene, and if you’re raising kids in conditions like that — shame on you!

Folks, the landlord is not always the bad guy, okay? Sometimes it’s the tenant who makes the place a slum, or makes a slum unit a decent place to live.

Here’s to classy people, whatever flavor they might be! The other kind, I don’t want to rent to, and don’t want for neighbors. So there!

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