The Eyes Have It

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November 28, 2015 by phicks2012

10-Free-Smiley-Face-With-Black-EyeWhen I was a teenager I spent WAY too much time at the beach and out in the sun, and one of the results was that about ten years ago I started having vision problems. Diagnoses: Cataracts. Not so much, according to the eye doctor, the kind old people get, but the kind resulting from sun damage. So we picked an eye (my right, because that was more affected) and did the surgery.

I wanted to get the other eye done at the same time, but they nixed that, and since my surgery occurred near the end of a fiscal year, my horrendous health insurance deductible reloaded soon afterwards. It took me a year to pay off the first surgery, insurance not withstanding, so I wound up putting off having the left eye done. In fact, I wound up putting it off for 10 years. I just couldn’t afford decent health insurance when then premiums jumped every year as I got older, until unless I won the lottery (yeah, right) or had a good job with perks (never happened) I just couldn’t afford pay them without such a huge deductible that anything I had done would have been totally out of pocket anyway.

But in 2015 I finally had decent insurance — no, don’t thank Obamacare! That didn’t help me at ALL — and at long last I was able to schedule the surgery in November. I was nervous, of course, because surgery is surgery, but I was also looking forward to being able to see clearly out of my left eye again, and to being able to drive at night without seeing those annoying/blinding auras around every oncoming headlight.

So, I went through the preliminary visits, and on November 17th at 9am — having gotten up at 6am to make the drive to Gwinett Medical Center — I went under (literally under, because I have a problem holding still when anything is coming at my eyes and we didn’t want to take a chance on my moving).

Jason went with me to drive me home. They tend to frown upon patients driving themselves for a while immediately following eye surgery, and they’re very probably right to insist upon a chauffeur. Then I spent a week at home recuperating, using two different eye-drops 4-8 times a day, and hoping the fuzzy/double-vision in my left (post-op) eye would continue to improve. They said it might take a while.

My vision is definitely better than it WAS out of that eye. The color-shift is gone, so things no longer have a yellowish cast, and the halos are gone. I can read large print, and smaller print if I move in closer, but I’m still hoping for more improvement.

When I had the other eye done 10 years ago they told me that I couldn’t get lasiks to further improve the vision in that eye, but apparently that now has changed. I might actually be able to get that now if my vision still isn’t quite right, but we’ll see what happens. I still have hopes of the eye continuing to improve. After all, it’s still a bit irritated and watery right now, so that might be a part of the problems, and I have my fingers crossed.

Wish me luck!


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