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November 20, 2015 by phicks2012

ctree2I love the Fall of the year. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the seasons, but Spring and Fall are my favorites.

I can do without the worst of Summer’s heat, and without the sweating/glistening that tends to go with it. I live in the south, so summer can also mean insects, heat rash, chafing, and having your hair stick to your face, sliding around inside your tennis shoes, and your regular garb (styled for medieval Europe) starts appealing less and less. You also have to do yard work. However, as long as I have shade or cool water, and natural fibers like linen to wear, I can manage those things.

I can do without the worst of Winter’s cold, and without having to pay exorbitant heating bills, but as long as I can bundle or snuggle up and build a blazing fire on the hearth I’m fine. I actually LIKE sleeping under piles of soft blankets and wearing my winter garb, and in the winter you don’t have to cut the grass. Of course, my house is actually visible from the highway in the winter, if you know where to look,and if the driveway ices you can’t easily get to and from, up and down the hills, without chains, but I don’t even mind that. As long as I have power and firewood, and heat in my car, I’m a happy camper.

Spring is when everything starts to warm up and turn green, and the flowers start blooming, and the windows can be opened up to catch the breeze. I love spring. The greens are greener, and you can start planting perenial herbs and vegetables to use later on. It’s warm, but not so warm that, rather like a vampire or a Tolkien troll, you have to stay out of direct sunlight, and the SCA tourney season is getting started — meaning I have more chances to see friends. The spectre of yard work first rears it’s head in the Spring, but doing it isn’t yet miserable, so there!

But Fall is when, after the heat of summer, everything starts to cool off, and the whole world seems to be wearing festival colors. The Fall skies are bluer, for some reason, than they are in any other season, and everything is just beautiful. The lawnmower starts getting less use — and you’ve probably figured out by now that cutting grass is not one of my preferred passtimes. There are lots of events to attend, my garb is comfortable, and I can sleep at night with open windows watch the leaves falling. Yes, I love the Fall of the year.

So here’s a little verse inspired by the season and written for my SCA newsletter. It’s not the best I’ve ever done, but it’s an attempt, and is well-meant. 😉


At Autumn’s Call

At Autumn’s call the burnished leaf salutes an azure sky,
And forests dance with golden hair, her birth to glorify.
The morning wakes with misted sighs, and flocks of starlings rise,
To flow like banners on the wind before the summer dies.

At Autumn’s call the blossoms pale, but but o’er the darkened loam,
The bursting seeds all eagerly seek out a winter home.
And noon still warms the tumbling leaf that falls upon the wind,
To weave a woodland carpet near the Wandering river’s bend.

At Autumn’s call the apple swells, and seas of flowing grain
May whisper words of gratitude to Summer’s gentle rain,
And evening dances with the wind, in gown of copper hue,
To music that the rivers sing when Summer bids adieu.

At Aumumn’s call the breezes stir, and swell across the land,
With just a breath of what will come when winter lifts her hand,
And midnight raises o’er her head a glistening parasol,
Of stars that from the firmament shine forth at Autumn’s call.

[06 October, 2015]

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