Eviction: The Musical

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November 13, 2015 by phicks2012

clipart-thumbs-up-happy-smiley-emoticon-512x512-8595Is there a sequel to RENT? Probably not, but in the neighborhood where my rental units are located I’m doing song-and-dance numbers in celebration, because the “Neighbors from Hell” have finally been evicted. Gone! Tossed Out! Sayonara!!!

The landlord who owns the unit in question has been over there with crews (for weeks) since the blessed day — henceforth a neighborhood holiday, if I have my way — trying to repair the unit, and tells me the tenants were not only breeding roaches but practicing to be demolition specialists. I saw the grafitti they put on the front porch brick, and noted the broken windows that were obviously a parting shot by the evictees. I’d also predicted that the inside of the unit would have been trashed, and I was right. It was an unfortunate revelation to the owner though!!!

I’m hoping this will teach him to rent henceforth to tenants with at least a modicum of class and without multiple felony records, but to be completely honest this wasn’t entirely his fault. He rented to an elderly woman who then moved in practically all of her children and grandchildren — all of whom, of course, denied actually living there when he complained because they weren’t legal residents. They were always “visiting”, and because laws are written to protect the poor innocent tenants from the evil landlords, he had to wait for the inevitable failure to pay the rent to get these destructive low-lifes out!

But you would not BELIEVE the difference. The neighborhood is suddenly quiet — no trash and debris being scattered and thrown everywhere — no gangs of kids cutting through the yards and vandalizing the property — no hacking up shrubbery — no lions, or tigers, or bears, oh my!

So start the dancing and the musical numbers. Cue the opening number as the curtain rises and the cast of EVICTION taps their way onto the stage! Hallellujah!!! [Available soon on DVD]

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