“Tyrants” & The Bitch Button

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October 26, 2015 by phicks2012

ctree2Some people possibly don’t have a “Bitch Button”. It’s that virtual button that may be hard to find or press, but that — once it’s found and jabbed a few times — tends to stay jabbed. Once it is, the circuit is closed and that person goes into Bitch Mode.

Even easy-going people can have a Bitch Button, and once in Bitch Mode those people don’t generally turn out to be the easy marks their tormentors started out thinking they were.

Bullies tend to target as victims people they think can’t or won’t fight back, and whether the bullying is physical, or psychological it’s still bullying.

Kids aren’t the only victims of bullying, either. There are adult bullies who torment other people either for enjoyment or for power, and they generally figure they can get away with it because their target is too nice a person to retaliate.

However, once the Bitch Button gets pressed they might be surprised to learn that even nice people have limits — and that targeting a nice person might not be as easy as they think.

In Bitch Mode victims stop being victims, but people don’t “have” to be in bitch mode to stop being victims, and they don’t have to become bullies themselves. They just have to be strong.



Those who with truculence would raise a hand
To strike with spite unmerited should know,
That those who seem with meek regard to stand
Might not as ready victims take the blow.

Those folk who bluster not, nor issue threat,
May be in spirit stronger far than you.
Well they may triumph ‘gainst a martinet
Who threatens, but who’s cowardess shines through.

So bullies stay your hand, and go your way.
The world needs less of viciousness and pain.
True courage ever bluster will outweigh
And true repect tyrants cannot attain.

[26 October 2015]

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