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October 23, 2015 by phicks2012

ctree2I believe that everyone needs Heroes. We need to believe that even if we aren’t, ourselves, perfect, there are those in the world who are better, and more noble; folk who are deserving of our trust and of our emulation.

We need heroes to give us cause to believe that the world might be a better place than the evening news gives us any remote reason to expect. We need heroes to inspire us to live better lives, and to make us believe that we can.

Such people are almost never politicians, or corporate CEOs, or star atheletes, or reality show stars, though they might be well-known. Notariety or celebrity do not make Heroes, and striving to emulate such icons does not make us Heroes.

The real heroes may have celebrity, but they are more often teachers, or parents, or other simple people in our lives who lead by positive — rather than negative –example and teach us to do the same. They are never bullies, or power-mongers, or manipulators even though people of that sort might well rise to high status. They are not the people who seek to Lord it over us, but rather those because of whom we become better people ourselves.

The poem below was inspired because I believe this.

To Heroes

Everyone needs a hero in whom to believe
Who will rise up in virtue and never deceive,
Wearing truth like a banner, deserving of trust,
Incorruptibly forthright, and faithful and just.

We have need of believeing that heroes are real,
That they battle ‘gainst evil with sinews of steel,
Having honor all stainless, and no fear of strife,
Standing taller than mountains, and larger than life.

We are none of us perfect that here walk the earth,
But some rare few for valor are destined from birth,
To inspire us to virtue with their gallantry,
To be better than fate had us destined to be.

And the rest of us need them. Their exploits are meant,
To inspire us to deeds such as they represent;
Make us dream to be heroes, and in our own right
When injustice is seen, to continue their fight.

28 September, A.S. L, 2015]

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