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October 12, 2015 by phicks2012

misc010I haven’t taken an actual “Vacation” in 4-5 years. I used to go to major SCA Wars like Pennsic and Gulf Wars every year, and considered those to be vacations, but what with the economy, high gas prices, and other considerations, I just haven’t been able to afford a getaway like that (or like anything else remotely resembling a vacation) for quite a while now.

At first I didn’t really notice the lack so much, though I did really miss getting away and enjoying those Wars among friends. However, eventually it dawned on me that I’d been pretty much available on call — SCA and Mundane — without a break for WAY too long, and that I really needed a chance to kick back, recharge my batteries, and get away from annoyances and stress, if only for a week.

Of course, I still couldn’t afford to go away, but I thought maybe I could take a “virtual” vacation. The plan was to take it easy and to refuse to deal with anything in the “Not Fun” category for a full week. That meant I wouldn’t be available to deal with aggravating people, or annoying situations, or nuisance phone calls, or irritating emails, or anything else in that vein for seven days. I even changed my voicemail messages to say I was “On Virtual Vacation”, and made up my mind not to answer any calls I didn’t actually want to take. Imagine that!!!

I already didn’t (and don’t) answer the phone if I don’t see the name of someone I know (or a number I recognize) show up on Caller ID. I hate dealing with telemarketers and people taking polls, so if a recognizable name or number doesn’t appear, I figure that’s who’s calling and ignore the call, even when NOT “on vacation”. That works for me, and I intend to continue doing that — even if it means that anyone blocking Caller ID doesn’t get through. The law of averages has 98% of calls like that being nuisance calls, so there!! I also don’t check voicemail on my land line, and my message warns callers of this. That’s nothing new, but during my “vacation” I also planned to ignore any calls from anyone else with high annoyance potential.

It’s a funny thing about trying to take a vacation without actually going away. People don’t take it seriously. If they know you aren’t “really away” they’ll still expect you to do things you’d be allowed to put off if you were on a “real” vacation, and they’ll still be upset if you don’t live up to their expectations. Oh, and if you’re a responsible, conscientious sort of person there’s a very good chance you’ll let yourself get sucked back in despite intentions to the contrary.

My Virtual Vacation only “partly succeeded. So the next time I determine to take a “virtual vacation” I’ve decided that I’m going to lie like a rug and claim I’m taking a “real” vacation. Yeah, that’s the ticket! I’m going to pretend to be in the Yucatan or Tazmania — someplace semi-exotic-sounding, or somewhere I just might not be reachable by phone or text, let alone email. Is there any such place left? Maybe Antartica on a penguin safari?

Suggestions would be welcomed, so show your Geekhood and tell me where I can be assured of a cellphone not working! Westfjords, Iceland maybe?

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