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October 5, 2015 by phicks2012

ctree2You know, it’s funny how some people think that just because you’re getting older you don’t remember what it was like to be a child, or an adolescent, or a teenager, or a young adult. Hey, some folks who are clearly middle-aged in their own right seem to forget that they aren’t all that young themselves, and are all too slow to realize that in just a very few years they are going to be the same age you are now — and may actually look and act older by then than you presently do.

As time passes, life does take it’s toll. We lose friends and family, and sometimes our spirits take a hit, and some of our dreams kind of fall by the wayside along the way, but do most of us really ever feel OLD on the inside? Okay, maybe if we’re REALLY old and physically worn out we get to that point, but unless I pass a mirror or see a really unflattering photo of myself (which happens more and more often these days because 1)I’m totally not as photogenic as I once might have been and 2)people these days just tend to point and click with no eye to composition) I tend to forget sometimes that I’m not still twenty-something.

At least, I tend to forget it until some tact-challenged individual feels compelled to point out to me that I’m an “old lady”, or until I look around and realize how many old friends are either dying off or fading away, or until I occasionally see the disinterested look (you know, that half-glazed expression) in the eyes of some younger folks who just don’t have any interest in talking to me.

I hope I never did that — glazed over and tuned out a person just because of an age difference, the way some people do with the elderly or (conversely) with children — or excluded them arbitrarily from conversations and left them sitting over to the side by themselves.

I still know a lot of people, many of whom I consider to be at least casual friends, and a few of whom are closer friends. Let’s face it though, as we get older the people we’ve known for years, and years eventually leave us, and if, when we try to make new friends they tune us out, or merely humor us, or (worse) think it’s okay to dismiss us, then that’s a real shame.

We’re all going to be old one day, if we survive long enough, but if we don’t FEEL old inside then why must some folks work so hard to make us feel obsolete?
If you happen to be one of those, take note. Your day will come. 😉

So! The verse below was written, and may it hopefully be enjoyed by some.


Fill up the hours with giving joy,
Or drawing laughter in your wake,
To heal the dreams life may destroy.
As guerdon for what death may take,
The tested heartstrings well employ.
Make music then for your own sake
To lift the soul and spirits bouy,
Forbidding that the heart should break.

Look not around you where you stand
To focus on the empty hall,
That should be hung with banners grand
And filled with courtiers at your call.
Bright eyes that saw a teeming land
With fortune’s bounty less than small,
Now that you have an older hand
See no one standing there at all.

They vowed in friendship to remain,
Those comrades fair, once so well-met,
In honor that could not be feigned
With words they never would regret.
But life betrays, and offers pain,
And tarnishes the coronet.
You will not see their like again,
And, sadly, you will not forget.

And now the eyes that look upon
Your countenance see only age,
And not the spirit that lives on.
They quickly scan, and turn the page.
It is their moment in the sun
To dream their dreams and battles wage,
And past your door they blindly run
To take their turn upon the stage.

But time is time, and will devour,
And gnaw both memory and stone,
And nibble slowly, hour by hour,
At your acclaim, and at their own.
Their dreams may fade, or slowly sour
Or linger on an vacant throne
That rests within an empty tower
Where they will also stand alone.

[08 September, 2015]


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