“Where Are They?”

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September 21, 2015 by phicks2012

ctree2So the question is, where are those people we’re led (when we’re children) to expect to find during our lifetimes? Where are the trusted friends who stand by us and almost never let us down? Where is the fullfuilling career we were meant to have? Where is true love, and the person we were meant to be with? If we never find any of those, where are they hiding?

The poem below was written to ask those questions, and I hope some find merit in it.

“Where Are They?”

Where are they? In some secret vale;
The friends and lovers of our lives
Who never rise to call our names,
Before the darkened end arrives?

Where are they? Passed too soon away;
Before our twisting paths could cross,
And waiting in some nether realm
Where we might meet and know their loss?

Where are they? In some hidden place,
The friends of youth who turn a page,
And walk away with chapter’s end,
And do not linger into age?

Where are they? Those that we did love,
But wandered slowly from our sight,
To take some other offered hand,
And leave us here to face the night?

Where are they? Arms to hold us close
And hearts to ache and know our pain,
And when we weep will any mark
The falling of that bitter rain?

Where are they? Lips to touch our brows
And whispered solace to impart,
And kisses rain on barren lips
To warm an unrequited heart?

[21 August, A.S. L, 2015]

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